In KBS2’s monthly drama ‘Tell Me Your Song’, which aired on the afternoon of 26th, Hong Yi-young (Kim Se-jung) confessed the memory of Jang Yoon (yeonwoojin). 

Hong Yi-young asked, “I don’t understand one. Did I kill Kim Han-han? Was it really a girlfriend? I don’t know how to know it?” 

Jang Yun said “Lee has talked to me countless times. I can’t explain something, but I’ll show you if you want to.” Does it make sense to kill your boyfriend? Why is it to me? If you don’t like it, you can say no. ” 

Jang Yoon said, “The two were together that day, and there was a wound that had been stabbed in his body. A bloody knife was found in a place where he was confused. I came because I wanted to hear it myself. ” 

Hong Lee said, “Do you mean I knew who I was from the beginning? Did you know who I was from the beginning? Did you come to me because I thought you killed my brother? I thought I was a killer.” 

Jang Yun “I only wanted to know what happened that day,” said Hong Yi-young, “I’m sorry. I can not tell you. I do not remember one thing that day.” 

“I looked into this person’s face all night, but I don’t remember any memories, no feelings. I really loved this person. I really looked at this person.” Kim Ian died Jang Yun’s younger brother a year ago. 

Nam Joo-wan (Song Jae-rim) opened the computer screen Hong was looking at, and confirmed Kim’s face, and his expression was hardened. 

The next day, Hong Yi-young made the mistake of changing the score from the morning, and his friend Yu Je-ni (Cho Yu-jung) asked, “Why did you fight with Nam-Num? Hong Yi-young said, “I’m sorry. I’ll tell you all later.”

Hong Yi-young asked, “Jenny, have you ever talked about what you were with me and Kim Ian? Have you ever talked about dating?”

Jang Yoon found Hong Yi-young, “the man is dead. You do not want to talk,” he said, and Hong said, “Please stop.”

Jang Yoon said, “Ian died a year ago, and Hong Yi-young survived. The surviving person is responsible. The only person who remembers that day is Hong Yi-young. If you don’t want to remember, please remember.” I said.

Hong said, “What if I really killed Kim Ian? What can I do with Yuni? Doesn’t matter if I’m gone? It’s a terrible woman who might have killed my brother. What have you thought about me?” Wouldn’t I have told you from the beginning. Before I liked Mr. Yoon, I didn’t think it was this painful. I’m sorry. Give me some time. ” Nam Ju Wan watched this figure from afar.

Nam Joo-wan said, “If you have time in the evening, do some Alba. I have a place to go, but I have no courage to go alone.” The two people went to a rural village in Chuncheon where Namjuwan’s grandmother was.

Violinist Ha Eun-ju (Park Ji-yeon) was denied a lesson by the student he taught, and the student said, “There is a rumor that my school sold it to a lot of rich men. I could not receive.

Ha Eun-ju’s pride was traumatized trembling. 

Hong Yi-young asked, “Why did you come here all of a sudden?” Nam-Wan Nam asked, “My grandmother sent me a text message. I’ve only been a year.” Hong Yi-young said, “There was a little painful,” he did not talk in detail.

Ha Eun-ju alone waited for him at Nam Ju-wan’s house. Nam Joo-wan said, “Hong Yi Lee cheap and never money. Never sleep. Never looked so hard to air.” 

Ha Eun-ju said, “I also wanted to be comforted. I’m not a robot, I’m a person. I want to kill my favorite guy when he sleeps with another woman.”

Hong Yi-young picked up the sword that Jang Yoon handed over, and a lot of videos passed through it, and he was distressed and left Jang Yoon’s house.

Hong Lee-young visited his cousin and Dr. Byeong-young (Lee Si-won) and said, “Mr. Jang Yoon told me he might have killed his brother. Did you know I was in Kim’s car instead of a taxi that day? “I had a stab wound on Mr. Han’s body. He showed me a knife. I said I stabbed Mr. Kim with a knife, and I think he was right.”

Dr. Byung-young, a doctor, recalled Hong Lee’s treatment video and felt anxious, and said, “You were found in a different place the day after Kim’s death. You didn’t get in the same car. He is a blackmailer. “

That night, I was drunk at a dinner party, Hong Yi-young said, “I turned around, but today I’m so good. You shouldn’t be good. I will confess. “

“Thank you,” Jang Yun said, “Thank you, thank you, who might have killed my brother. What was funny in my ear might be the murderer who really killed me. But I may not see you in the meantime.” It is so scary that there is. ” Jang Yoon embraced Hong Yi-young in his arms and wanted to go home. 

The next morning, Hong left a long text to Jang Yun and said, “In fact, I remembered a few memories, and I couldn’t tell Yoon. I don’t know why I stabbed, I don’t know why, I don’t know before and after, I want to know that, but I’m going to go there. I’m glad I could say this. Hi, I liked it a lot. ”

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