In the 3rd episode of KBS 2TV’s Wolhwa Drama ‘Listen to Your Song’, which was broadcast on the 12th, Ha Eun-ju (Park Ji-yeon) asked why Nam Ju-wan (Song Jae-rim) chose Jang Yun (yeon-woo). 

Hong Yi-young, who awoke at the hospital on the day, ran to the practice room after hearing that the practice time had been pulled for an hour. But employees were missing Timpani. Empty your locker today. Ha Eun-ju called Hong Yi-young and asked, “Are you going to finish it?” When Hong Yi-young said, “The conductor changed the performances, what should I do?” Ha Eun-ju introduced me to a part-time job, saying, “Go out and end?

Eugene (Cho Yu-jeong) told Hong Yi-young, “Have you heard of rumors in Nam-ma? It seems to have been eaten by Ha Eun-ju.” Afterwards, Hong Yi-young visited Nam-Ju-Wan and asked, “Anything is fine, let me work.” Nam Ju-wan said, “I still needed you,” and suggested a secretary’s position.Meanwhile, Hong Yi-young, Jang Yun appeared constantly where he was, doubted whether Jang Yoon is really following. There was someone’s footprints and blood on the floor of the house. Jang Yoon told Hong Lee, “I’m not a stalker, so don’t worry.”

But Hong Yi-young more than three times seeing Jang Yoon accidentally, and moved to the next door was strange. Hong Yi Young vowed, ‘Tonight I will take off your mask.’ Lurking Hong Yi-young screamed as a thief as a thief. Gohan was Moon Jae-hyung (Kim Sang-kyun) Moon Jae-hyung broke into Hong Lee’s house three times.

Afterwards, Jang Yoon helped Hong, Lee Young injured his hand and instructed him to drive. Jang Yoon’s place with Hong Lee is his father’s house. Hong Yi-young asked about his brother looking at the photos Jang Yun took with his brother. Jang Yoon said, “I’m a pianist. He was killed a year ago.”

My younger brother was Kim Ian (Kim Sihoo) who told Hong Lee to go take a cable car together. Hong Yi-young was surprised to see Kim’s picture and dropped it. At that time, Nam Joo-wan was watching Kim’s performance.

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