In the SBS entertainment program ‘Little Forest’, which was broadcasted on the afternoon of 1st afternoon, main chef Lee Seo-jin announced that he would cook Jajangmyeon before the last day. In particular, he talked about Lee Yeon-bok, the master of Chinese cuisine, and confidently said, “I’ll press him with jjajangmyeon.”

Park Narae was surprised that late night messenger “Brook, Grace’s mother sent a video.” It seems to have been taken at home. Park Narae said, “I think we put our name in the” little star. “

Brook and Grace sang a song when they played the video. “Seojin’s uncle is the king of cooking. Please eat and eat again. Please eat and dessert. Please enjoy so much.”

Lee Seo-jin was pleased with the song “Mr. Lee”. Park Narae, Lee Seung-ki, and Jung So-min are sad and give a laugh. They joked, “Is Seojin not my uncle’s song?”

Eugene thanked her mother and wrote in a sorry letter. Lee Seung-gi read the letter instead, “I told Yujin that this is the last trip in the forest, but I don’t know what it means yet. In the midst of this, Lee Seo-jin, “Let’s watch the video once more,” caused a boom.

Park Narae made an offer for the last day. “Let’s do a mission and stamp in each place to stick,” recalled the play for the children. However, Lee Seo Jin couldn’t concentrate on the meeting and laughed, saying, “I’m a cooking king, so I only think about cooking.”

After watching Little’s video again, he said, “I think I need to make some dessert.”

At the end of the broadcast, Lee Han-yi had a sincere conversation with Lee. Lee Han knew that tomorrow was the end. “I don’t mind if I can’t see you for a while,” Lee Seung-gi said, “It’s okay but not okay.” It was fun to be together, but I confessed that the last day was coming again.

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