In the SBS ‘Little Forest’, which was broadcasted on the 1st, a scene where Lee Seo-jin and Miss Grace decided to go to the mart were on the air.

Lee Seung-ki asked Lee Seo-jin, “Who are you going with Mart?” The members then suggested how to go to the mart with Lee Seo Jin among the children.

After that, Miss Brook and Grace arrived first, and Lee Seo Jin waited for two people to enter the hula hoop. Lee Han arrived, and Lee Seung-ki attracted with soap bubbles to get Lee Han into the hula hoop.

But Lee also did not go inside the hula hoop, and Yi Seojin stepped in and grabbed the hula hoop and passed Grace’s body.

Park Narae said, “I like, well. I understand the heart.”

Eventually, Lee Seojin took Miss Brook and Grace to Mart.

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