Lee Seung-gi, Jung So-min asked Gaon’s crying.

The SBS entertainment program ‘Little Forest’, which aired on the 9th night, was taking care of children of Lee Seo Jin, Lee Seung Gi, Park Narae, and Jung So Min.

On the day, the cast prepared various snacks such as ice cream and pancakes for children. Gaon, the older sister, was in danger of not being able to eat ice cream as she continued to yield ice cream to her younger brothers.

Eventually, Gaon burst into tears and began to cry, “How long have I been waiting.” Jung So-min was surprised and ran over, and Lee Seung-gi sneaked a piece of pancake to Gaon and whispered, “I only give you.”

Thanks to the comfort and consideration of the two sweethearts, Gaon barely stopped tearing.

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