TVN ‘s broadcast on the last 2 days will be eaten locally? Eric was transformed into a “human rapper” with his colorful packaging skills in the US, and focused his attention on his cute appetite.

On that day, Eric turned to a “human rapper,” refusing his proposal to help digest and pack the pouring wrapping orders despite the pouring pie, and demonstrating his perfect lapping skills.

Eric packed the food in the same attitude as the sword and boasted a distinctive presence as a “human rapper” and laughed at Eric’s appearance as a mythical rapper, paving his way to the stage with intense eyes.

Eric, who has returned to his home after he has finished his business, has started his second dumplings under the leadership of Lee Yoon-bok’s chef.

Eric had to work in the boil, but the cold weather caused him to lose his way, and even customers who came to the market ordered Eric’s dumplings instead of champon.

Especially Eric was pushed into the dumplings for three consecutive times, and when he failed to boil it, he was unaware of himself, and Eric’s cute figure, hidden behind the intensity of the human rapper, gave the audience a reversal.

Earlier, Eric had a nickname of “Onion Rick” and “Mandu Rick”, revealing his passion in ‘3’, which is supposed to be eaten locally. In this broadcast, Eric shows a charm of anti- Hot attention is drawing attention.

Meanwhile, Eric will appear in the local ‘3’ will be broadcast every Thursday at 11 pm Eunghoo.

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