As the official number 2 couple was born, it exceeded 5% of the audience rating. In addition, it ranked first in the same time period performing arts including terrestrial and japanese. ‘Taste of Love 2’ was fully established as the best performer on Thursday night. In the background is a couple of couples approaching each other with a true heart.

The TV shipbuilding entertainment program ‘The second we did not know: The taste of romance’ (Love Taste 2) also worked again. After Lee Philhm-Seo Su-yeon’s couple, Oh Chang-seok and Lee Chae-un emitted a couple and exceeded the audience rating of 5%.

The ratings of ‘Love Taste 2’ on the 11th recorded 5.1% (based on Nielsen Korea pay-TV broadcasting and metropolitan area). This is the highest rating of ‘Love Taste 2’ itself, and it is the top one in the same time zone including terrestrial and comprehensive channels.

In ‘Love Taste 2’ on the day, a couple of Oh Chang-seok and Lee Chae-eun were shown to be an official couple at the baseball stadium. As I walked through the theaters and parks, I confessed each other ‘s heart. Oh Chang – seok confessed, “Will you be my girlfriend?” And Lee Chae – eun said, “I want to be me”.

The house theater was painted in pink. Oh, Chang-seok – Lee Chae-eun, a group of viewers gathered to see how couples become real lovers. As a result, ‘Love Taste 2’ exceeded its highest rating and its 5% audience rating.

Seo Hye-jin, director of ‘Love Taste 2’, said in a telephone conversation with OSEN, “It seems that Oh Chang-seok-Lee Chae-eun has received a lot of strength from the point of declaring an official lover. I had a lot of interest. “

Oh Chang – seok and Lee Chae – eun are now expected to demonstrate a deeper romance than other couples because they are now real couples. Seo Hye-jin, director, said, “It seems that Oh Chang-seok wants to travel together after finishing the drama. There were a lot of things that two people wanted to do, but the schedule was not right. Now I want to faithfully support what they want to do. If you focus on doing various things with couples and look at it, it is more fun and you can see ‘Love Taste 2’. 

Oh Chang – seok – Lee Chae is not only a couple. Other couples, such as Gojo – Kim Bomi, Lee Hyung – chul – Sin Ju, and Suk – joon – Lee Jong – hyun, are approaching their own methods and speeds. Seo Hye-jin, the director, “couples want to show as diverse as diverse,” he also asked for expectations of other couples.

On the other hand, the second TV commercial entertainment program ‘Taste of Love’ is broadcast every Thursday at 11 pm.

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