SBS Power FM, which broadcasts on the afternoon of the 13th, is a radio show of ‘two-time escape cult show’. It started with the compliments of the appearance of ‘wicked actress’ actors.

On that day, Ma Dong Seok said of Kim Sung-gyu, “You look so handsome when you actually look at it.” DJs, “different from the screen,” he admired his appearance. Then Kim Sung-gyu said, “Yes,” and laughed. He confessed, “I went to the radio for the first time, I went to the shop, I did makeup,” and the DJs joked, “Did you just make up your own and put your eyelashes on?”

Kim Sung-gyu was “shy and came with a heart.” “In the first place, it was the left arm of Changjeong Yun Gyeongsang, a mode,” he said. “When I filmed ‘Criminal Cities’, I wanted to buy a lot of delicious things for my friend, but this time I was fine and I was going to have to eat.”

Then, the introduction of “Wicked I” began. Kim Sung – gyu said, “In ” Criminal Cities ” I was the younger brother of my brothers, but this time I went on a solo career and murdered everyone without a motive.” Kim Moo – yeol said, “I am a boss, a systematic boss, and the unusual point of the” wicked person “is the villains, and even criminals use evil methods to catch the villains.” “I have a sense of tension and a lot of action. There are many. “

Kim Moo-yeol said he has increased 15kg for the role of detective. He said, “I am now deprived for another role,” he said. “I tried to raise my muscles as much as possible without setting a goal of 15 ㎏, but I added 15 ㎏.” “I had a lot of exercises because my muscles were called by Kim Moo-yeol. I tried to give the impression that the beasts stuck together when the villains got together.” Kim Moo-yeol said, “I was injured when I raised my muscles by exercising. It took six months to prepare for the filming, but it was hard to maintain my body.

He changed the visuals by tattooing on his back for this character. “The tattoo is made by a tattoo team,” he said. “I have a knife on that part of the movie, so I’m closing the bandage,” he said. “Tattoo tattoo is fast. It took 6 hours to draw a piece, but now there is a way to stick it like a sticker.” He said, “I painted it, but it takes a long time to erase it.”

He also mentioned that “The Wicked World” was invited to the Cannes Film Festival non-competition sector. “I am going to go to the Cannes Film Festival with three of us and the bishop,” Ma said. “I have come to play the role of starring (in Hollywood), and the bishop has not been decided,” he said of the Hollywood remake. “It was because I wanted to talk about movies and talk about movies and Sylvester Stallone wanted to co-produce with them.”

At the end of the broadcast, a fan of Kim Sung-gyu attracted attention. This fan even made a year to see Kim Sung – gyu. The fan gave Kim a gift and hugged him. Afterwards, the fan commented about Kim Seong-gyu’s impressions that he was “really handsome”. In addition, he asked, “What did you say to the company and said that you made an annual?”

The DJs asked, “When did you become a fan?” And the fan said, “I became a fan of ‘Kingdom’.” Kim Sung-gyu said, “I do not usually find someone to recognize me, I am so honored, are not you a member of our company?” In the meantime, DJ Kim Tae-gyun’s “married” question, Kim Sung-gyu, “I did not marry,” he replied. The answer to the question “Is there a boyfriend” was “No”, but the fans answered “I have a boyfriend” and made me faint.

On the other hand, ‘The Wicked’ was accidentally targeted as a serial murderer. It is a crime action film in which a rescuing gang boss, a homicide boss who is caught up in capturing a criminal, and two uncompromising people are chasing after a serial murderer K. Kim Dae-jung and Kim Sung-gyu will appear on the 15th.

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