It is the third album of Mamamoo ‘s annual album project ‘Four Seasons Four Colors’ which started to bring out hidden charm and ability of the members. Leader Sola is the main character following the ‘Yellow Flower’ flower, ‘Red Moon’.

‘Blues’ has a melancholy atmosphere that matches the color of the symbol ‘blue’ of Solar. In addition to the title song ‘Wind Flower’, the intro with the feeling of winter, ‘From Winter to Winter’, ‘No More Drama’ with powerful vocals, ‘Hello’ with its own song ‘Hello’ Morning, “which is a song of” I am better than I thought, “and the solitude of the morning alone.

The title song ‘Windflower’ is a farewell song that sings the willingness to blow off the memories that accompanied the sad and lonely feelings that you feel after your separation from your beloved lover. A vintage, yet emotional guitar riff sound and a sophisticated melody line, the song of the R & B genre that revolves around my ear. Everyone is separated and painful, but I received a message that a good day like a flower petal will come back.

The song that opens the phrase “When I was with you, why did not you do it better now? Sweet horses are spinning around now”, “We are the only ones who can say goodbye” I regret. Also, “When you go out of your way, knocking is a foolishness. The food on the table is lonely.

The members of the Mamma in the music video are struggling to break up in their own way and suffer pain. A thick makeup with tears, a lonely beach scene, and a screaming of a woman who is entrusted to music. As well as the visuals of the mature members, they are photographed in Hong Kong, and the exotic atmosphere, such as the colorful neon sign, catches the eye.

In the end, Mammai promises to make a new start by comforting himself with “a windy day and a happy day, alone and alone”. The love that has passed away is not unique. On the other hand, it is worth noting that the musician Majumaru Mama will be able to win the charts this time too.

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