In MBC ‘I Live Alone’ aired on the 25th, Hwasa-Wuiin’s Joonju travel diary and Han Hye-yeon’s Paris business trip spread.

On that day, the company headed to Jeonju, hometown, with his best friend, Mine, a junior high school alumni. Hwasa and Hwi-in walked the Hanok village wearing their uniforms in middle school, starting with king chicken skewers, slush, baguette burgers, and tteokbokki.

Hwasa and Hwiin went to the alma mater. The company confirmed that the building in the center was missing and said, “There is no way.”

Hwasa and Hwiin stop by to make a friendship ring. Whe had lost his friendship ring with Hwa-hwa while in school. Hwasa and Hwiin made a friendship ring with their initials engraved on the outside of the ring and played a situational play.

Hwasa and Hwiin sang 2NE1’s hit songs from the coin karaoke back to middle school. Subsequently, I played a karaoke score to pay for lunch. Hwa-in selected and sang ‘Bay by Butterfly’ and the artist sang Yun Mi-rae’s ‘Baby bye bye’. The result was a win by one point.

Hwasa and Hwiin finished their trip by ordering cheese fried rice, pork cutlet, champon udon, and cola. Hwasa said about the trip with Huin, “I just liked it.”

Han Hye-yeon headed to Paris to attend Fashion Week. Han Hye-yeon was taking 30 clothes and 15 shoes in Korea to attend Fashion Week and changing her clothes to suit each show.

Han Hye-yeon finished the schedule and started eating at the restaurant. Kim Hye-yeon suddenly appeared when Han Hye-yeon was spreading the food. Kim Choong Jae has a brand meeting and is in Paris.  

Kim Chung-jae heard that Han Hye-yeon was going to the Montmartre hill, and she decided to go with her. The two enjoyed a warm time taking pictures of each other on the way to the Montmartre hill.

Han Hye-yeon arrived at the Montmartre Hill and approached the artists who paint portraits in the square. It was because of the portrait of the bucket list. Han Hye-yeon sat in front of a painter named Samuel. Kim Chung-jae drew a portrait of Han Hye-yeon from the side after receiving permission from Samuel.

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