On March 14, MBC ‘My Little TV V2’ (‘Maritel V2’) challenged Internet live broadcasts by Jung Hyung Don, Jang Sung Kyu, Aizu Won Kang Hye Won, Kim Gura, Jang Young Ran, Yeong Kyung Hwan, Kurd, Yim Min Sang, Kim Young-ok and Chang Dong Min.

On this day, Jung Hyung-don held an extraordinary contest with the strongest people in each field. “If you win the match, you will pay 100,000 won on the spot.” The audience laughed at the comment, “Please call the guest quickly because I knew it.”

The broadcast was with Kang Hye Won and Jang Sung Kyu. It was Jung Hyung – don ‘s victory in the first confrontation on the subject of “changing clothing quickly”. The second confrontation was ice water, and Kang Hye-won led the victory. 

Kim Guura and Chang Young-Ran started a live broadcast, shouting “hairy hair”. Guest Yong Kyung-hwan and wig expert Jo Sang-hyun joined together. Cho Sanghyun put secrets on his head and began to send the tape quickly. I painted a picture with a magic pen where I would do my wig work. 

“I started wearing my wig right now,” said Cho Sang-hyun, who said, “My head has started to fall sharply since my early 20s.”

Hunnam Yu Tuber Dr Kurt and the comedian Yu Min Sang opened the Marithel Pharmacy. The patient who visited the Marithel Pharmacy said, “My constipation is so severe that I had been on a trip, but because of the change in the environment, I was stressed and had no symptoms for about six days.

Kurt explains that Kurt pulled out stimulant laxatives, intestinal cleansing drugs, and prescription drugs. I also recommend the Purun juice as a honey tip in daily life that can refresh without any weakness. “If you eat prune juice that helps constipation, you have to go straight to the toilet. It is not medicine, but it helps constipation as a food.”

Actor Kim Young-ok who challenged live broadcasting for the first time for the first time laughed, saying, “I watched the broadcast and Kim Soo-mi did what he did.” Then, “Kim Su-mi, Kangbuja saw that I thought I could do that,” said the decision to cast the reason.

Kim Young-ok transformed into ‘Halmi Nem’ and showed rap. He also took a self-portrait with a photo application ‘Snap Chat’ with Jang Dong-min and laughed. Then I made a telephone connection with actor Na Moon Hee, known for his best friend, and he told me his past anecdote.

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