MBC “My Little TV V2” (hereinafter referred to as “Maritel V2”), which was broadcasted on the 28th, reopened Songguyen.

Kim Gulra and Chang Young-Ran broadcasted the song together with Songgain. Kim Gulra, Chang Young-Ran, and Song-in. Profits will be donated.

Songgain presented a handmade hairpin. Songgain said, “I made and sold it when I had no income. Premium products sold for 100,000 won. Real pearls, mother-of-pearl, “he said.

Songgain made a hairpin directly on the spot and opened a variety of songs. His singing power was outstanding. In the subsequent auction, the shogun’s hairpins received much attention.

Dindine, Sam O’Sheet and Choi Tae Sung shared the story of Korean history through ‘Chosun Fang Wang Suling Guide’. In particular, 19190301 won was contributed to the broadcast. Dindin and Sam O’Homei were excited about their past contributions.

In fact, Choi Tae-sung and Lan’s disciples were commemorating the 100th anniversary of the March 1st Movement. With the amount that means the date of March, Choi Tae-sung expressed his will to continue the donation in the future.

Jung Hyung-don, Nancy, and Jang Sung-gyu confronted the contestants to build things. The challenger showed confidence in building things, but Jung Hyung-don was victorious.

Then the challenger came out to be able to sleep quickly. The most advanced equipment for analyzing brain waves has been mobilized. As a result, the challenger fell asleep faster than Jung Hyung-don and received the prize money.

On the other hand, Alevis Living Brand CEO Shin Ae-ryun challenged personal broadcasting. First, Shin Ae-ri said, “It was 40 billion won last year.” 

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