On the 12th, JTBC ‘Melroga Constitution’ said, “I decided to replace Oh Seung-yun, who was recently arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.” “Melo’s constitution” It will be broadcasted at 10:50 pm on Friday, August 9 through photography and refurbishment period. “

Prior to that, Oh Seung-yoon helped her drunk driving on the 26th in Incheon city. So, I was investigated because I was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol in Incheon western police station.

After drinking alcohol on the same day, A was caught by a police officer who was driving a 50-meter driving vehicle of Oh Seung-yoon’s BMW. At that time, Mr. A’s blood alcohol level was 0.101%, the license revocation level. So the police arrested Oh Seung – yoon and A, who were riding in the car, on charges of drunk driving under the Road Traffic Act. Oh Seung-yoon has been aware of the fact that he drank alcohol, but he also confirmed that he directed the driving direction to help him drive.

When he was informed, Oh Seung-yoon apologized to his agency, saying, “Although I tried to dry it, it was my fault that I could not stop A’s drunken driving to the end. I was deeply repentant and sincerely policed.” “We will be investigated by the police and we will humbly accept the results.”

On the other hand, ‘Melroga Constitution’ is a dramatic drama in which director Byeong-hun Lee, who mobilized 16 million spectators with extreme comic movies’ extreme profession ‘, made use of his’ Chun Woo-hee, Jeon Byeon, Han Ji Eun, An Jae-Hong, and Gong-Myung.

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