In the episode of the TVN Saturday drama “Memories of the Alhambra Palace” on the 29th, Yoo Jin-woo (Hyun Bin) found clues about the state of affairs (Chan Yeol) in the game.

On that day, Eugene Wu accepted the piece when a hawk of Citadel, a messenger sent by the master, appeared. Eugene Wu, who has taken the letter tied to her feet and confirmed that the quest was sent by the master, is a place where you can open quests. I decided to go to Granada. He also called Jeong Hee-ju (Park Shin-hye) and said he could not go to Granada.

That night. Jeong Hee-ju said that Eugene Woo came to Granada to meet Jeong Se-ju and said, “I mean, you have been playing games to meet Juju, so now it’s a level similar to three weeks. So I’m not going to go to Granada, so I do not see it here as a monitor, so I can see if it’s safe. ”

Eugene Wu asked Jeong Hee-joo to ask, “Do you think I’m still mad? You believe me, I can cheat again.” Then Jeong Hee-joo said, “It is more painful to believe that you are not deceived.” Then, “Why do you bother me like this? Why did you appear in my life?

On the other hand, Cha Byung – joon (Kim, Sung – jun), who invited Yu Jin – woo to the restaurant for lunch, called Lee Soo – jin at lunch. After that, Cha Byungjun, who ate the rice, said that Eugene Woo had received the divorce papers. “Then why do not you two get together again?” My son was a custodian, but he did not disappear.

“I do not believe in you at all, but I think you covered your autopsy, but no, because of your self-esteem.” I did not want to admit that the choice I made you was wrong. ”

She also said, “Dad is a terrible man, I know now why he was afraid of his father, he does not believe you at all, he thinks you killed his husband, be careful. I left the words of. In fact, Cha has seemed to have a different plan for Eugene Woo’s company.

However, Eugene Wu eventually left for Granada when it was more urgent to find a state party than to defend the company. When I arrived in Barcelona to take a direct view of the way the city had gone, I went to Granada by night train.

Meanwhile, on the day of the broadcast, suspicious terrorists appeared in front of Yoo Jin-woo, who arrived in Granada, and a phrase appeared to suggest the death of Seo Jung-hoon (Min Jin-woong).

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