In the last 13 days, the ‘Alhambra Palace Memories’ (play Song Jae-jung, director An Gil-Ho, production studio dragon, green snake media) runs an old hostel in Spain and is responsible for the livelihood of the family. (Yoo Jin-woo) in a crisis situation where he is going through the game and reality. He added depth to the drama.

On the day of the broadcast, he was worried when he saw Jin-woo (Hyun Bin) running away from the police. The neophyte, who was signing in to the game with a lens, witnessed Jinwu fighting with terrorists in the game and dropping cops. Jeo, who was chasing Jinwoo in the game due to worry about Jinwoo, found Jinwoo in a clothing store fitting room. The neophyte, who saw the unprofitable youth, grabbed him and comforted him.

In the meantime, the thriller attained the 100th level and searched for the missing Jin-woo. The only way to know Jinwoo’s position was to visit Jinwoo while logged in to the game. The appearance of a rare person seeking Jinwoo without knowing about the bullets flying from all sides has left a gentle lull in drawing the heartbreaking heart of Jinwoo.

Then he turned to the fitting room that Jinwoo was with last time. I was disappointed to see the empty fitting room. Soon-ji gave a sad picture to those who recall the painful and desperate kiss that they had in the game and the reality of the past, Jin-woo, who disappeared without a trace, and the appearance of a star in the pursuit of such a place of Jin-woo, deeply expresses the emotions of the deepened two, and amplified the immersion into the pole.

In this way, Park Shin-hye takes on the role of Chung Hee-ju and adds depth to the drama by delicately expressing the complex feelings of worry, despair, and love for Jin-woo in a confused situation in game and reality. He made the melodic queen a stronger figure in the extreme of the situation. It is noteworthy how their relationship will evolve in a situation where only two times are left until the end.

In the memories of Alhambra Palace, Hyun Bin disappeared while solving the secret quest. At this time, a long time ago, where the eldest daughter, Chan-Yeol, returned,

In the 14th episode of the TVN Saturday drama “Memories of Alhambra Palace” (drama Song Jae-jeong, director An Gil-ho) broadcast on the 13th, Yu Gyun-woo (Hyun Bin) and Jeongsejuju (Chan Yeol)

On this day, Jin-woo (Park Shin-hye) found a way to finish the quest in the game with the hint, But unexpected variables appeared. In order to make a favorable version for himself, he falsely testified that Yura had heard a confession from Jinwoo that he had killed Yu Xiao (Park Hoon).

Jinwoo escaped from the police who came to arrest him, but in reality, the police are forced to level up with a non-player character (a virtual character that provides the user with quests and items) in the game. I was in a worst situation.

Jinwoo ran away and lost his cell phone. When he could not reach him, he connected with the game and found Jinwoo, the only user other than himself. It was the fitting room inside the clothing store that Jinwoo was breathing to avoid the attacks of the NPCs.

Jinwoo called his favorite (Lee Seung-joon) with a cell phone handed to him. Jin-woo said, “I will end up in handcuffs and go to the police station.” “I do not know what to do if I can not get my hands, so I may die at the knife of Kyo-seok.”

Jinwoo persuaded him to go home and help him, saying, “I will not go alone.” Then he said, “Do not worry, it is not far, I can see the end, I will return home early in the morning, because I will be there early tomorrow.”

Jinwoo started the game again. Eventually I was able to raise the level to 100 by hanging in the game all night and I got the golden key of Quest. Then he asked Yangju (Cho Hyun-chul) to move Emma to the nearby church where he was.

After the morning mass was over, Jin-woo entered the church where all the people had passed out and prayed, waiting for Emma to appear. After a while, Emma appeared with other melodies. Jin, who approached Emma, ​​said, “I have something to give you.”

Jin responded to Emma, ​​”I was looking for you, could you give me?” Then I got the message ‘I have completed the master’ s secret quest. It was the end of the game that Jinwoo had hoped for the past year.

At a similar time, a milkman who witnessed Jinwoo, the police came to the cathedral, but there was no Jinwoo. Nejou also heard that Jinwoo was above level 100 and came to the church but could not find him.

Nejou traveled around the city in search of Jinwoo, but could not find it. Late at night, somebody came to the house. It was his younger sibling, whom he had been missing for a year. The dramatic ending made me wonder why the three weeks could be returned, and where Hyun Bin would disappear.

The 14th broadcast on this day showed 10.0% (Nielsen Korea paid platforms nationwide) ratings. It is the highest audience rating in itself and the first in the same time zone.

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