The perpetrator was caught at the end of the escape focused attention, Jung Jae Young’s first autopsy on the body, I was curious and curious.

The MBC Wall TV drama ‘Yoon Seon-gil seasons 2’ broadcasted yesterday (8th) was rated as 8.8% in Nielsen metropolitan area and maintained its strength, while the 2049 audience rating was also 4.0% .

The season 2 is a hot topic for immersive sensation, which is a hot topic every time. It is a very special collaboration between a geek forensic scientist Jae Jae Young (Baek Bum), a first-grader Jung Yum Mi (Ulsan Station) and a veteran prosecutor O Man Suk Seok The event, which begins every new year after the ‘Hansom Event’, which decorates the ending of the movie, attracts viewers’ attention at once, and is receiving favorable reviews.

In particular, Director Roh Do-cheol plays a role as a creator who draws not only fine and sensuous directing but also plays from script to planning.

On the second day of the “Guided Man and Woman Season 2” broadcast yesterday, the perpetrator was arrested at the end of the escape, capturing the audience’s eyes. In the process of escaping, he made a surprise appearance by leaping from a cliff into a river without hesitation, but the Eastern Prosecutors’ team did not give up tracking.

The eastern prosecutor’s team, following the perpetrator’s movements, pursued persistently and guessed that the next target would be “her sister.” In the process, Park Hee-jin (Chun Mi-ho) showed a dramatic tension as he was dressed up, and the process of approaching his brother conveyed a breathtaking feeling. As the Eastern District Prosecutors’ Team predicted, the perpetrator would appear in the hair salon and immediately be arrested and handed over to the investigation.

In addition, the National Fisheries Team has searched through the car and the ice box inside the car and found the dead body. During the autopsy process, it faced a huge burden of “disclosing the identity of the perpetrator.” As a result, .

In addition, Jung Jae-young, who finished his first autopsy on the body, replied, “I have not got anything.” “I am surprised to see the audience, The perpetrator’s face caused the viewer’s curiosity about the next story.

The netizens responded that “Time is the finest drama”, “The best is really how to make a drama like this,” “I am immersed in acting ability,” “I am looking forward to more!”

On the other hand, ‘Gujung Man and Woman Season 2’ is broadcasted every Monday and Tuesday at 8:55 pm.

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