The ratings were 6.1% and 8.3% (National standard, provided by Nielsen Korea). This is slightly lower than last broadcast (6.1%, 8.6%).

On this day, Baekbum (Jung Jae-young) was drawn to find the victim of the Joseon disease.

Baekbeom tested Sally (Kang Seung-hyun) and Jang Sung-joo (Gyok-cheol) to find the bodies that disappeared from Cho Hyun-sill.

Baekbeom picked up the same car as Jo Han-su, a suspicious suspect, and drove Sally and burned the Chang Seong-ju. I was thinking about the possibility that there is a body in the car of Jo Han-su.

Baekbeom asked me to ride in the car with his body weight, which is similar to that of the victim. The parking lot CCTV was confirmed based on the result of the tire shape of the car when the gun was burned.

It was as expected. Jo Han-soo showed that she carried her mother’s body to the car nine days ago and then carried her body to the car ever since.

Meanwhile, KBS 2TV ‘parfum’, which was broadcasted at the same time, recorded ratings of 4.2% and 4.7%.

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