On the 8th, SBS ‘Misumi 8-1000’ Season 2 (hereafter, ‘Misumi 2’), Lim Seo-hyang and Son Dam-bi looked for a prize of 10 million won but failed to get it.

On this day, the members delayed the lunch due to the water delay, and after dinner came to the restaurant within two hours after the meal, they said, “You should eat dinner according to the schedule of” A strained squabbling came on.

At this time, Lim Su – hyang sneaked into the bathroom to find a clue, and found a document with a note ‘H, J’ using bath salts and a water bottle. In addition, I learned that a hint is a ‘fork’ because I find a picture that is attached to a town wall with a hint tool and a wrong picture.

Jang Do-yeon introduced a new dish using instant noodles as a quick and simple dish. Jang Do-yeon introduced the ‘Jae-chan Nomiyaki’, a kind of ‘Okonomi-yaki’ after mixing chopped ramen noodles with cabbage and eggs. The members who encountered the new dish were amazed at the unexpected taste once in the new black and zealous shocking dough visual and fell into the attraction of ‘

So, Ji Sera, ‘Mi Chul Jang Jang Geum’ showed a simple recipe of Lim Sho Soo, and showed off his cooking. Lim Shi-hyang wrapped rice with spices in Vienna sausage, and then unleashed the oil-fried rice dog. Lim Soo-hyang’s ‘Bob Dog’ attracted attention with its simplicity and excellent dignity even with one meal.

After the meal, the members started ‘Action Hunminjeongeum’, a signature game of ‘Miu Mori 2’. As the hint tool was acquired, the ‘hungry team’ and ‘tide team’ members fiercely competed.

Especially, in the beginning of ‘Action Hunminjeongum’, which has to be accompanied by a word and seeing a given beginning, Son – suhyeong and Son – dambi showed passion for acquiring the hint tool by showing ‘Shock Visual’ without concession.

Sondambi was not able to compete and made a special piece using magic, and then made a small laugh by expressing the ‘Lee Bong-ju’ marathon player until ‘Ding Dong-dang’ sounded.

In the meantime, Yim Suhyang took advantage of the delicate characteristics of the animals, expressing ‘sera’, ‘snakes’ and so on. In addition, Lim Soo-hyang transformed into ‘Freddie Mercury’ after drawing a beard on his face, attracting the attention of Yoo Jae-suk.

Kang Ki-young’s ’19 gold ‘charm and sense exploded. Kang Ki-young was attracted to Sonbangbi as a sensuous dialogue called “Fire Mom” ​​in the beginning of ‘Ⅰ’.

In particular, Kang Kiyoung replied, “I am your sister’s wife,” along with Momorando Iwai on the issue of “ㅅ ㅅ” and answered ” , And “ㅇㅇ” problem, “We will take a break?

In the end, the ‘hungry team’ Kim Sang-ho, Son Dam-bi, Lim Soo-hyang and Yang Se-hyung won the hint tools.

Also, Yeon-woo inferred a pig with a hint of “a girl with pearl earrings,” “Honey Honey,” “Ji-sun,” and touched a pig doll in the living room, but did not find the money. After a while, the dolls did not disappear.

However, Kim Sang-ho, Lim Soo-hyang, Son Dam-bi, and Kang Ki-young already knew that the pig was the right answer.

Last time, guest Jeon Sang-min, who is a member who will hide 10 million won, pointed out that he was a type of person. He said, “I do not want to touch it again because I have touched the doll”.

Afterwards, the members gathered in the living room to find the place of the prize money. At that time, the two models drove Son Dam-bi to the perpetrator after last time, and Son Dam-bi made an angry laugh saying, “Today is not real.”

Prior to the final result, Yoo Jae-seok said, “I broke a boat in a pig. Today I will boldly call him a criminal.”

In order to catch the perpetrator, the members began to suspect one by one, and Song Gang and Yang Se-hyung drove Son Dam-bi to the perpetrator. He also said, “The scent of scent is 100%, the scent of scent has moved back and forth around the doll in the evening, and then the pig stomach appears torn again”.

The final result of the members’ selection was selected as 4 votes for 6 votes in the ratio of the number of votes. As a result, the person who searched for ten million won was right, and Son Dambi who the members selected was also the criminal.

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