“Growth was attracted to the material. I think that the usual growth should be done until the day of death, and I wanted to dissolve that part in the movie ”

The extraordinary story of ordinary people was interesting. Kim Yoon-suk’s first film, “Underage,” which unleashes the true meaning of “adult” and “underage”

On the afternoon of the afternoon, the movie ‘Underage’ media preview and discussion were held at Lotte Cinema, the entrance of Seoul KCG. Actors and directors Kim Yoon-seok, Jae-ah Ala, Kim So-jin, Kim Hye-joon and Park Se-jin attended to talk about their works.

‘Underage’ is a story about two families facing a stormy event that shook ordinary life. Actor Kim Yoon-seok made his first directorial debut 31 years after his debut, and it is a work that collected hot topic before crank in. Kim Yoon-seok played a leading role in the ‘minors’, playing the most ‘crew’ to avoid the incident, irresponsibly.

Kim Yoon-seok said, “As a director, he made his debut as a director.” Some people try to snore drunk even when they make a mistake. Some people do their job to avoid losing their humanity with a bruise on their chests without making mistakes. I am trying to solve it. I wanted to show them that way. ” Above all, “I wanted to show my self-respect as a human being.” “I chose actors who performed such authentic performances and sent scenarios. I wanted to show this through the movie. ”

Kim Yoon-seok has gone to the ‘Daewon’, an indecisive and irresponsible husband or father. One day, I received a confusion about the secret that I thought I would not know anyone in a single letter, but I was surprised that my daughter, Juri, Miahee and Miahee’s daughter, Yoona, ran away irresponsibly from all of them. “He said.

Kim Yoon-seok introduced his character, saying, “I got a concept as a character whose crew had lived faithfully but deviated.” “I did not want to waste a lot of time trying to kill the bad guys. “I felt it was too much too much to focus on four people when I put all of my four sincerity and caused the anger of the crew.”

Daewon serves as the bridge of the work. “It makes me laugh and makes me laugh a bit, and it’s ridiculous.”

The development that does not lose humor even in serious situation causes audience laughter. Kim Yoon-seok said, “I wanted to make a ‘laughing’ situation through the crew. “(Minor) is my favorite comedy. I like the comedy that comes from the irony of the situation rather than the character being funny and funny. ”

There was a message in the film that a high school student struggled to rectify an adult’s mistake. Director Kim said, “I chose this work because I wanted to fight with dramas, characters, and acting skills. I wanted to do works that ordinary people could enter into the story at the same height.”

In the movie “Underage,” she is the second prime minister of the movie “The Perfect Man” and the drama “SKY Castle.” She knows the secret of her husband Daewon (Kim Yoon-seok).

She said, “Even the slightest emotions I could miss were told. I thought it was really fun to play in the field, “he said.

Kim Sang-jin, who runs a duck-dong shop in the drama and divorces himself as ‘Mihyu’ who raised ‘Yoona’ (Park Se-jin) alone, said, “Kim Yoon-seok is really delicate. She reads her mind well. I think it is possible because I have a great interest and interest in not only characters but also all characters. ”

The new actors Kim Hye-joon and Park Se-jin who cast through the competition of 500: 1 are noteworthy. Kim Hye – joon became a daughter of Kim Yoon – seok in the play. Park played the role of Yoon Ah, revealing the secrets of the two families.

Kim Hye-joon said, “When I read the scenario, I thought it was deep and warm and hot that the story of the person facing the incident was deep and warm.” Park explained, “The child named Yoona is a normal high school girl who shows her solid appearance for the first time but gradually shows her delicate appearance.”

Rather than concentrate on the case, the movie “Underage,” which captures the perspective of a child and an adult to cope with the incident afterwards, will be released on April 11.

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