On the 3rd, Hongja posted a photo of ‘Mystrot’ trophy, a program of TV ancestral arts program, which ended the day before on his social network service (SNS), and left a long thank you to him.

Hong – ja said, “I would like to thank you for being the first Miss Trot Mi ‘s singer who will impress many people.

“We, our participants, suffered from ‘Mistroot’, and thank you for the many viewers and fans who have loved us ‘Mistroot’ and will give you a better song for your love and interest. .

‘Mistroot’ is a new concept trout audition program that will create the next generation Troststar that will lead the second Trost. It ended at the end of 2 days broadcasting. The winner of the first ‘Miss Trout’ was Songgal, and the second was Jung Mi-ae. Hongjia was named 3rd place.

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