tvN Chuseok Special Feature Pilot was supported by Girl Group vocal survival program ‘V-1’ (directed by Park Sang Hyuk, Kim Kwan Tae).

According to the broadcasting schedule on the 12th, Jung-dae Kye-in requested to participate in the group vocal survival ‘V-1’ to select the best ‘vocal queen’ among Korean girl group members.

Jeongdae Kyung Eun was the fourth most popular audition program in the history of Korean television, with the highest audience rating ever recorded. “Tomorrow is Miss Trotter”. In October of 2017, he released the digital single album ‘Like’.

In addition, Jungdae is making her debut with Park Sung-yeon, Duri and Trot girl group ‘Venus’ who appeared together in ‘Miss Trout’. It is noteworthy that V-1 will be challenged as a girl group vocalist, and her singing skills will be acknowledged as a girl group as well as a trot.

‘V-1’ captures the attention of V, which means Vocal, and the best vocals, the number 1, which means No.1. In ‘V-1’, the best vocal members will be determined through a fierce contest for active girl group members.

‘V-1’, which is expected to become more popular due to the participation of Sir Jingda, will be broadcast during the Chuseok holidays.

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