The prosecution has begun investigation into the application of the voting operation of the audition program “ Produce X101 ”.

In this situation, a new survival program is introduced. It is ‘Queendom’ which draws comeback match of 6 girl groups. Will it be possible to drive popularity through the distrust of viewers?

PD Wook-Hyung Cho at the ‘Queendom’ production presentation held at the Ilsan Light Maru Broadcasting Support Center in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do on October 26, said, “We are taking it heavily on the operation controversy. We will be keeping a lot of discussions internally. We are considering how to disclose the results of the vote in a way that leaves no suspicion if possible. “We’ll rule out the data company in question,” he said.

“In the meantime, did not artists compete with existing or new songs in the survival program?” Queendom “started with the question of ‘Why don’t you release and come back at the same time at the same time?'” Some publics have a reputation, but they think it’s limited to fandom, and it would be fun to have this type of competition program to build the board itself, which would be different from the other teams in that the six teams played at the same time. “I was confident.

Mnet is famous for his “ editing on evil ”. Production teams such as ‘Superstar K’ and ‘Produce 101’ used to raise the topic by putting up a fight between the audition participants or by promoting a conflict. “The Queen’s cast has a great attitude,” says Joe. “You don’t have to worry about it being bad.”

In ‘Queendom’, singers Park Bom (35) and the group ‘AOA’, ‘Lovely’, ‘Mamamu’, ‘Omi girl’ and ‘(girls) children’ will appear. Artists consider each other and break the music market that has been adjusted so that the comeback periods do not overlap. The single album will be released at 11 pm on October 24 at the same time, and the winners will be selected based on the results of the new song comeback stage final live broadcast on the 31st.

He also explained why he cast the only solo of the six teams, Park Bom. It was reported that all female singers who ranked first in the music program for 10 years were surveyed. Cho PD said, “I picked up a singer who has been active so far.” He said.

It is true that each performer has a different weight. Some groups emphasize their skills, while others play with visual images such as appearance. The key is how to control the difference in the amount of appearance.

“The general public will be able to feel the difference in the weight of the performers,” Cho said. “Because the six teams have different appeals, it was not easy to control the volume as a director. “I’m trying to show the charm like a comprehensive gift set.”

Is there anything that stimulates girl group fandom? Criticism of ‘straight lines’ is also coming out.

When I first planned the program, I loved sports, especially soccer, so I looked for the background of the European Champions League. “It’s not just an artist’s confrontation. Each team’s agency is going to live and die, create a concept, and make a song. You’ll find that the K-pop group is doing great internally.”

Talent Idahee (34) and announcer Jang Seong-gyu (36) set the MC breath. Joe PD has been praised since the first program was planned, “It shows an incredibly natural progression as the first entertainment MC.”

Idahee said, “I watched the artists’ stages only on TV screens every time, and I want to cheer for them by watching me from the side.” I hope the viewers feel the same way. I was nervous when I first recorded. Thanks to my brother Jang Seong-gyu, I was able to proceed more smoothly, and I’m slowly integrating it into the program. ”

Jang Sung-gyu said, “Idahee’s empathy ability is the best.” “The girl group takes care of each other like a younger brother. .

“It is the first point in the field. At first, I was very careful to ask, ‘Can I have a seat?’ I was worried about which attitude I should face MC. “I see a lot of comments, I know the voices of girls group fans mixed well. If you ever want to insult the crew, please swear me.

First broadcast at 9:20 PM on the 29th.

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