MBN ‘Modern Family’, which was broadcasted on the night of December 22, depicted actor Baek Il-seop who dreams of making his debut as a singer.

The actress Paik Il Seop met the singer Tae Jin Ah. He turned 75 this year and said he was preparing for his debut. He said, “I have eaten rice wine in the drama moderately and I sometimes sing loneliness if it works, but now it is not the same as before.”

Baek Il-seop told Tae Jin-a, “I hesitated in the proposal of the musician, and I heard a call from three or four times.” However, Tae Jin-ah, who saw the sheet music by Baek Il-Sup, He said, “This song is hard to sing.” The prosecution of Baek Il-seop was infringed.

Tae Jin-ah said, “It was absurd, I did not finish the arrangement, I did not guide, I just wanted to bring the melody and teach the song.”

However, Tae Jin – ae mixes the songs he has received and other lyrics and continues the arrangement. Baek Il – seop nodded his head as he pleased. Tae Jin – ah said, “It was hard for me to be another singer.

Tae Jin-ah eventually called Lee Seung-soo’s composer to correct the melody. One-on-one tutoring began with Baek Il-seop. Baek Il-seop had a wrong pitch, and Tae-jin laughed at the maker’s mind, saying, “Did not you tell me to get melody before?”

Kim Ji Young family members took a family photo shoot together. Especially, to take pictures of the royal concept, she wears hanbok, hanbok, and goes into massive preparations. After the family photo shoot, the man asked the photographer to take a photo of his parents carefully.

“I thought it was time to take a picture of my father, it’s hard to get it out,” he said, “but my friends are going through a lot of things like that and not like others.” After the filming, Sung-jin said, “I think I can keep it in my life.” Kim Ji-young said, “I want to keep a little younger and more beautiful.”

Shim Hye-jin said, “My mom suddenly died so I could not take a picture of Yongjeong. Baek Il-sup said, “If you take pictures, you will live longer.”

Actress Ryujin has been on a date for 13 years. The panel was amazing when it came to the first date after marriage. I did not have enough time because of my children. The two men decided to enjoy a date at the place they had been searching for in the past, even though they were awkward to say “what to do.”

Ryujin was somewhat awkward on his skin, but he had a pleasant date. The couple also challenged couples for 13 years. Ryujin said, “The pictures of the couple we took are before the birth of the couple.” After photographing, Ryujin pulled out the drones.

After the drone flight, the couple decided to take a tarot. Ryujin “I do not trust Taro, I have to look at the person who came down to God,” he did not trust. Ryujin’s wife said, “I wondered how my husband would accept it because he could not believe it.”

She asked, “Will my husband be good as an actor?” Ryujin interjected the question and said, “I made my debut and did a lot of work. It seems I have not met my life yet.”

“You have to be cautious about choosing your work, but you have to be discreet, you have to transform your image,” he said. Ryujin said, “I heard a lot of stories like that,” but the tactician said, “But have you changed?” Ryujin said, “May I contact you when you come in?”

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