Kim Hye – ja confided in the story related to director Bong Jun – ho.

In the MBN ‘Modern Family’ broadcast on June 14, actor Kim Hyeja, who came to the South Sea with the invitation of Park Won-sook,

On that day, Park Won-sook and Kim Hye-ja went to a restaurant in a German village and smoked flowers with a meal. Park Won-sook said, “Bong Jun-ho is not planning the scenario for the past 10 years with her sister.” Kim Hye-ja said, “I like him.”

Kim Hye – ja said, “After ‘Mother’, she gave Conti. Director Bong said, ‘Teacher is just a few days away.’ I wanted to forget that I would be burdened if I remembered. However, when I interviewed him at this time, I thought, ‘I have not forgotten’. “

Kim Hye-ja said, “Director Bong Joon-ho praised me. He told me not to go round. ‘What should I do?’ I said, ‘Do not just roll your eyes.’ So I came back to the bus and wept. I do not know what to do with this, “he said. 

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