In MBN ‘Modern Family’ broadcasted on the 2nd, Kim Min Joon and Gwon Dong Seung appeared as guests.

The first meeting between Park Won-sook and Kim Mi-hwa was drawn on this day. Kim Mi-hwa made a public appearance after a long time since he remarried. “In fact, remarriage is not easy because it is a process that men and women meet again, but there is no hard thing in the world, and I have never thought that any trials will not be overcome,” he said. “He said. “I have been married for thirteen years, I am still a newlywed, I have never fought so hard, I have had a lot of disagreements, and I have talked about it, and I have never written each room after fighting.”

In this regard, Kim Mi-hwa said, “In fact, the husband’s son suffers from developmental disability, and he has stopped at about ten years of age, because he already knew his husband before remarriage. I am happy because of my son. “I confessed and made a warm atmosphere. 

Next, the overweight, ill health Lee Phillip, sister Park Soo Ji began to diet was released. “I want to lose weight too much,” said Park. “I do not see my strengths and efforts in my own efforts.

He said, “I am really worried about my health, and if I have the will to exercise, I will pay for it.” Park Soo-ji, too, responded by saying, “If you succeed in diet, let me meet Lee Soo-geun,” burned your will for diet and made you look forward to the future.

Lastly, actor Kim Min Joon joined new interest and attention was focused. “I live alone, living with my dogs,” he said. “I will show you my natural life in the future.”  

Kim Min-joon was shown a day-to-day consultation. He said, “I do not have a job these days, is it forgotten by people?” There is only people who meet on a regular basis, and there seems to be a feeling of depression from not doing things. ” 

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