MBN ‘Modern Family’, which aired on the 1st, depicts the second story of Park Won-sook and Sung Hyun-ah, who reunited in Namhae after more than 20 years after the national drama ‘Watch and Watch’.

Previously, Sung Hyun-ah cooked and shared seafood kalguksu for Park Won-sook, giving her a warm mother-in-law. The two men, who filled their stomachs, are going to work in the garden this time, but Sung Hyun-ah is reminiscent of the runway even though she is changed to ‘work clothes’ prepared by Park Won-sook.

It is a revival of the Miss Korea Force of the last year because it is not ugly even after wearing red rubber boots and farming hats on floral prints.

While going to work in the field, Sung Hyun-ah, who saw the jawleaf planted in Park Won-sook’s field, immediately showed the hairy appearance of picking leaves in his mouth.


In addition, the crew worried that Park’s top was exposed a little, so even if it’s hot, you should wear a top. But Park won-suk embarrassed the crew by saying “I’ll just upload clothes.

After the fields are ready, the two will remove weeds from the garden and plant various seeds such as red lettuce, chives, and spinach. Seeing Seong Hyun-ah, who is more than expected, Park won-suk praised, “Who knows how to do a good job in a cold city image.

Seong Hyunah “I like to harvest the original. Potatoes and sweet potatoes can also be good. I was very happy to have the field work.”

Park Won-suk said, “When you work in the field, all your anxieties disappear,” he said warmly.

After having a date in the city, Sung Hyun Ah confessed that “My mother passed away early and had no memories with her mother.” Park Won Sook said, “I don’t have a daughter. .

Park Won-sook reserved a sushi restaurant for Sung Hyun-ah, and it was a place with a picturesque background. Park Won-sook, “Please give me a lot of taste,” made Seong Hyun-a smile by showing her amiable appearance.

At this time, Sung Hyun-ah’s son had a phone call, and he said, “I’ll say I’ll love you and let me have a cell phone for 30 minutes.” Hanging up the phone, Park Won-suk attracted attention as a mother gave her tips for parenting.

Park Won Sook said, “It’s hard to live alone, but I’ll have a hard time for my 8-year-old son.”

Park Won-sook said, “How do I raise you?”

Seong Hyuna said, “After that, I went with my son to ride a bicycle, but I didn’t have the money to pay the next day.

Sung Hyun-a, who saw Park’s tears, also comforted each other with tears.

Park Won-suk showed Sung Hyun-ah to Sung Hyun-ah, “I heard your laughter from the morning, but inside was rotten, but I felt bad because I felt like laughing on the outside.”

On the same day, Philip and Mina met with Kim Min-jung and Shin Dong-il, who were “older to help”.

Philip-Mina is a 10-year-old couple who is visiting Kim Min-jung and Shin Dong-il, who have been married for 27 years.

Philip and Mina were newly married couples at the age of 17, but they did not hide their respect and curiosity about Kim Min-jung and Shin Dong-il, the support of older couples. “I was wondering how you lived happily for more than 20 years, and I wanted to receive the secret, so I asked you to meet.”

Kim Min-jung and Shin Dong-il married in 1993 and live in a secluded country house in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do.

The two sleep separately because of Sin Dong-il’s sleep apnea (snoring), but they share a morning kiss as soon as they open their eyes. Mina, who watched this on her monitor in the studio, nodded his head, saying, “Your husbands are so sweet. We kiss every day.” Park Won-sook saw this and was surprised, “I don’t brush my teeth?”, And Mina smiled, “I don’t smell.”

Mina then makes a healthy drink containing fresh lactic acid bacteria and barley sprouts for breakfast. “Originally older women are good at self-care. Take care of her body, but also take care of my husband next door,” he drew attention.

The two were raising a lot of organic dogs and organic seedlings, and Kim Min-jung and Shin Dong-il said, “If you look at organic dogs and organic seedlings, you can’t turn away their eyes. They are alive because they are alive.” Drew attention.

In addition, Lim Ha-ryong left for his wife and Danyang to save a country house.

It turns out that Lee Sung-mi and Lee Kyung-ae walked out to save Lim’s home.

Im Ha-ryong arrived at the first house made of ocher, and full-scale visits were made, and Lee Sung-mi and Lee Kyoung-ae attracted attention by asking meticulously, “How do you use water. How do you treat sewage? How do you do gas?”

In particular, the owner gave Lim Ha Ryong to the cauldron of potatoes, corn, sweet potatoes, etc., and thanked her, saying, “We will be treated.”

Lim Ha-yong laughed at the landlord all of a sudden, “There is no bully in the neighborhood.” In addition, Lim Ha-yong’s wife said, “I like the country. I want to live in a modern place.”

Lee Sung-mi also said, “You must not help my brother,” the landlord smiled embarrassedly.

The second was a house with outdoor pavilions on a secluded roadside.

Lee Kyung-ae said, “If there is water in front of the house, there are many mosquitoes. And if the mountain is high behind the house, it shouldn’t be dangerous. It’s okay. Sarah”

Next, I headed to Im Ha-ryong’s aunt’s house. I was going to meet and go to my hometown. I found out that my uncle was 8 years old and I was like Lim Ha-ryong. “I like you after my brother. But I suddenly went to blood cancer. So I came to meet my only aunt who is alone.”

Finally, Im Ha-ryong headed to a friend’s house. It turned out that he was a celebrity with an award in ‘Good Morning Song’.

A friend prepared a chicken white meal and food for Lim, Hae Ryong and met him. The friend said, “Most of them are in their 80s. I am 68 years old.”

Im Ha-ryong’s wife, who was eating, said, “If you buy me about 200 pyeong of land, I will build a house.”

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