Monsta X, which is growing into a global group, showed off its intentions in the ‘Dream’.

Monsta X appeared as guest on MBC FM4U ‘Dreaming Radio’ which was broadcasted on February 27th.

Just before the show, Monster X, who won first place in MBC Everlion ‘Show Champion’ with new song “Alligator” (Alligator), said about the popo that made his first pledge. Jung-hoon, who said he received kiss as an ending fairy, said, “Hyung-won is most memorable. “I was so bold and kissy,” he said. It is a leader type. I watched it on video, but I was not kidding. ”

Monsanto X also reported on the recent epidemic of the arc that was not able to participate in the broadcast due to the enteritis. Members reassured their fans by saying that they are “currently at the hospital and resting at the hostel” on the condition of the current arc.

Monster X also introduced a new album, “Play It Cool,” which worked with world-renowned DJ and producer Steve Aoki, as well as a Jingle Ball Tour episode that took place last November. “Jinggol tour is one of the hottest singers of the year. Thankfully, I participated in six regions. “I had an opening in New York and an ending in the rest of the country,” he recalled. “I did a great job on stage with Chain Smokers, but it was very exciting.”

MonsutaX has been delighted at fans’ request by showing the belly of the title and the postponement of the novel and the acting of the Internet novel. They also laughed at the members who seemed to be the best bangers, members who would have confessed if they were girls, members who wanted to travel together, members who seemed to succeed even if they did not have a singer.

I was listening to radio at the hostel and sent a text message to tell him the state. The arc says, “It’s not gastritis, it’s just gastritis. It’s okay, “says Monbeveld. I’m sorry to worry. The members are good and let’s go together. I’m sorry and I love you, “he said.” I want to have a rest because I’m going to finish my schedule. ”

Monster X is said to be the only K pop singer to attend the “I Heart Radio” festival in Las Vegas this coming September. “If you go to such a place in Korea, you will have a sense of mission. I am always saying that I came from Korea when I greeted in a foreign language. It’s exciting every time. ”

Hyun Hyuk also said, “If you start the stage at first, who is it? What is the team is much bigger in the eyes. However, when the stage is over and the lights come down, it feels good to see people’s eyes and cheers changed. ”

Finally, Ji Hyun said, “It is harder for people like us to perform nationwide than for overseas performances,” said a listener who asked to tour around the country. I want to do it when I have a chance. ”

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