Singer Moon Hee-jun, a singer on the spot, commented on the radio that “Superman has returned” as a new member.

On the 10th, KBS Cool FM ‘Moon Hee Jun’ s music show, Moon Hee – joon mentioned about the appearance of ‘Shredol’ during the opening.

Moon Hee-joon said, “If you give the top line, the main character of the article becomes happy, and the person who watches the article becomes happy, and the personality and personality of the person increases. 

It seems that Moon Hye-joon, who has been stuck with the stance that the interest in the family is burdened in the meantime, is conscious of the criticism about the fact that she joined the family as a new family and released her daughter. Moon Hee Jun said, “Whatever, if anything, my situation is irritating to me.”

In the meantime, Moon Hee Jun looks at the message of the listeners and says, “Many people are sending these very good opinions, such as” I saw it well, it was fun, and the baby is cute “Thank you.

Moon Hee-joon also predicted his future play in ‘Shredol’. He said, “It’s nothing you guys saw, it’s not just child-rearing, there’s a lot you can do for your daughter, look at 6 pm on Sunday and love Shredol.”

Previously, Moon Hee-joon had a talk about his daily life with his wife and daughter’s scandal in the ‘Superman Returns’ broadcast on the 9th.

Moon Hee Jun and daughter daughter of Soweo have robbed the viewers with their cute characters and fascinating personality that resemble daddy from their first appearance. In addition, Moon Hee Jun – Soo – yul married the couple from the first meeting and decided to marry her.

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