On the 9th KBS 1TV ‘Morning yard’, Yoon Eun-sook, the first Korean national singer who captured the 70’s and 80’s, 

Jang Eun Sook surprised everyone with his unchanging appearance. At the time of his debut, the appearance of Jang Eun Sook was revealed to the public. He made his debut at the age of 20, and he passed his 40th year. Over sixty years of age, I was attracted to my beauty while I was outstanding. 

Jang Eun-sook, who said that he had bloomed in the past, said, “By the beginning of last year, when I had a health checkup, I had cholesterol and hyperlipidemia, and I was so terrified that I changed my diet by doing so with a strong will. I am focusing on it. ” I did not like tomatoes and fruits, but explained that I eat hard. 

“I have not had a carbohydrate,” he said. He also said that he has been walking since 2013. His diet is better when he sings songs. 

Jang Eun-sook, who has appeared for a long time, has relentlessly commented on Japanese activities and recent events since his debut as a singer. Jang Eun-sook said that it was difficult for her family when she was in high school. I went to a tournament with a prize money to help my mother who seems tired of a young mind. 

Jang Eun-sook, who was loved by the image of the people’s first love in the 70s and 80s, has since disappeared in Korea in the mid-90s, There were many rumors about the disappearance of Jang Eun Sook. 

Jang Eun Sook said, “I had a love call from Japan in the past, and it was the time I got my sixth love call, I was in a slump, I felt like I was not responding to a new song, “I went to Japan with three,” he said.

At that time, I sang in the streets due to the characteristics of the Japanese music system. “I did not know why, but here I was,” he explained, “I was so embarrassed that I was so embarrassed.” 

Jang Eun Sook succeeded in getting a good response, including his over 10 songs on the Japanese charts. Jang Eun-sook said, “When I did a concert, more than 80% of the women came to me.” 

Jang Eun Sook, who said he could not feel his prime, said, “I have not been in Korea for a long time. Currently he is working in the band Jang Eun Sook. 

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