In the 10th episode of the OCN tree drama ‘Mr Period’ (played by Jang Hong-cheol / director Sung Yong-il Park Ji-hyun), which was broadcast on the 15th, Lee Tae-seok (Jun Seok-ho) was killed by someone and Kim Gye-jae (real name Kim Mu-hyuk and Yoon Kyun-sang) was drawn. lost.

On this day, Lee Ki-hoon (Choi Kyu-jin) visited Lee’s room with a baseball bat. Lee Ki-hoon asked about the work of Jeong Su Ah (Jeong Eun Eun) and said, “Your stalker cub who was taking a secret photo or sneaky. I swung a bat. However, Lee Ki-hoon did not win Lee Tae-seok and looked at him with eyes full of anger.

Later, Gee Gang-je infiltrated Lee Tae-suk’s room with Park Won-seok (Lee Sun-won) to find evidence to reveal the truth of the case. But there was Lee Tae-suk, who was thirsty. He also had a suicide note stating that he committed suicide. Even the vault was empty, and Gi Geun-ji, who learned this, left in a hurry, convinced that he was killed, not suicide.

The next day, the school was upset by Lee’s death. The school was closed for a while, and the discussion was discussed with Cha Hyun-jung (Choi Yu-hwa) and Ha So-hyun (Kum Sae-lok). In the meantime, Yu Beom-jin (Lee Jun-young), Lee Ki-hoon, Han Tae-ra (Han So-eun), and Na Ye-ri (Kim Myung-ji) also gathered in one place. Calmed down in the current.

Ki Geun-je continued to pursue the truth of the case of Soo-ah, and in the process he found traces of Yu Bum-jin. Ha So-hyun visited Ahn Byung-ho (Byung-hun Bo) and talked about Yoo Bum-jin. In particular, they tried to uncover the truth of the incident by analyzing data on Yoo’s cell phone. 

And while Park Won-seok finished his cell phone analysis, Yoo Kang-je received a call from a girl who had previously saved Son Jun-jae (Shin Jae-hui) who said, “I’ll tell you what you know about Jeong-soo.” After calling Geegangje into the broadcasting room, she tried to tear the harassment frame against her by ripping her clothes and shouting. 

As a result, the question of whether Daumje will escape this crisis and whether Daumhwa has been raised.

Meanwhile, the culprit who killed Lee Tae-seok was Yu Yang-ki (Kim Min-sang). When Lee Tae-seok visited Yoo-gi and threatened, “Do you know what I did to protect you? Did you not meet Sua that day?” Burning the evidence that Gimje was looking for made him guess that he killed Lee.

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