In the eighth episode of the cable channel OCN tree drama ‘Mr Period’, Yu Beom-jin (Lee Jun-young) kissed Han Tae-ra (Han So-eun). 

On this day, Lee Tae-seok (Jeon Seok-ho) appeared at the charity concert of Han-Tara and threatened Woo Eun-hye (Seo Ji-young) and Lee Do-jin (Yoo Sung-joo). Woo Eun-hye and Lee Do-jin moved to a quiet spot with Lee Tae-seok, and Kim Mu-hyuk (Yoon Kyun-sang), who was bugging Lee Tae-seok, also tried to move. Cha Hyun-jung (Yoohwa-hwa) appeared to arrest Lee Tae-seok.

Kim Moo-hyuk is behind Lee Tae-seok, and Lee Tae-seok said that he used Jung Soo (Jung Da-eun) for hospitality. However, Cha Hyun-jung, who saw the tapping device of Kim Mu-hyuk, tried to break the tapping device and said, “I’m different from you. At that time, Ha So-hyun (Gum Sae-lok) appeared, “Lee Tae-seok drove Han-su (Jang Dong-ju) to suicide.

Ha So-hyun convinced Lee that he could arrest him later on as evidence. Previously, Joo Joo (Seo Yoon-a) handed Ha So-hyun a USB file containing school irregularities. “Most students are the bridesmaids for the VIP,” Cho said.

In the end, Cha Hyun-jung, Ki Moo-hyuk and Ha So-hyun agreed to cooperate. Kim Moo-hyuk said that there is a VIP student specially managed by Lee Tae-seok. Lee Do-jin’s son, Lee Ki-hoon (Choi Kyu-jin) stalked Jeong Soo, and persistently harassed Sua. In addition, Lee Tae-seok is using the girls from the entertainment agency for entertainment. Kim Moo-hyuk said, “Yang Yang’s prosecutor is number 3. I think number 0 is Lee Do-jin.”

Cha Hyun-jung said Lee Tae-suk wanted Unam University and asked Ha So-hyun to keep USB. Ha So-hyun told Ki Moo-hyuk, “I’ll admit one thing. It’s hard to declare innocence and change our school. I’ll find a way together.”

Meanwhile, Lee Tae-suk instructed Kim to take charge of class 2. Na Ye-ri (Kim Myung-ji) asked Yu Beom-jin (Lee Joon-young) to help him. Najeri said, “Gigangje threatened her and I was bullied. Giggi suspects Lee Tae-seok. Lee Ki-hoon knows everything.”

Kim Moo-hyuk told Lee Ki-hoon, “I felt you too. Stitch your nose to your great father, Lee Tae-seok. Tell me all.” Lee Ki-hoon said to be off, and Kim Mu-hyuk, who came out of the photo stalemate, encountered Yu Beom-jin. Yoo Bumjin warned Ki Moo-hyuk, “I told us it was hurt. It was a warning. Don’t try to know any more. Sua or Han or Lee Tae-seok.

Since then, he planned to hack the phone. Park Won-seok (Lee Soon-won) said that he had more to lose, but Ki Moo-hyuk said, “You also have to pay the price.” Are you hiding? “

Ki-Hyuk hacked the mobile phones of Lee Ki-hoon and Ahn Byung-ho (Byung-heon) after the test. Yoo Bumjin’s cell phone remains, but Yu Bumjin, who noticed a strange feeling, solved the problem and said he would go out. Ki Moo-hyuk was forced to reinsert Yoo’s cell phone.

However, Park Won-seok, who saw Soo-ah’s profile picture on Yoo Beom-jin’s cell phone, told her not to disconnect. Ki Moo-hyuk tried to attract time, but Yoo Bum-jin said he would submit the answer sheet first. Yoo Beom-jin said he would check his phone and return it in front of Kim.

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