On the 28th, SBS drama ‘Mung Buto Flower’ 38 times, the figures of Baekyang (the Kung Seok Seok) and Bae Hyun (Yoon Sik Yoon) were drawn.

On this day, the Baek Lee River went to protect Song Jae-in (Han Han-ri) under the name of Jeon Bong-joon (Choi Sung-sung). However, there was Bae Lee Hyun as the sender. Bae Lee Hyun came down to Jeonju to see Jun Bong-joon’s doctors. Baek Lee was shocked to see Bae Hyun, who became the head of Tianwoo, and slapped her cheek.

Baek Lee said, “Take care of yourself, but do not get kicked out of me like I am.” Then, Baek Lee said, “Please think about it for a long time and give me a seat.” Baek Hyun asked me to escort him in Jeonju saying, “If you do not have a job to do, please help me.”

Then Bae Lee Hyun took Bae Hyun and headed to Chun Bong Joon. Bae said, “I came to tell you the meaning of Kaoru Inoue, the Japanese corporation in the Joseon Dynasty. Before that, please secure my safety.” When they cooperated with the militia, they would guarantee the reign of the Jeolla provinces and the dockyard. Do not cross the Jeolla border.

Jun Bong-joon asked, “Did you know we were going to be a martyr?” Bae-hyun said, “I thought I would be honest, but I was surprised because I was so calm.” Jun Bong-joon asked, “How many times have you been a martyr in my mind, but I’m not too reckless to fight without a winner.” Bae said, “I am excited, I am expecting to make Chosun a civilized country,” and Chun Bongjun called “New Japanese territory, once called Chosun.”

Bae Lee Hyun went around the market with Bae Lee River, but there was no income. However, I learned from the conversation with Honghara (Cho Hee-bong) that the sandals had disappeared in the market. As a result of checking with Song Bong-gil (Park Ji-il), he was the second most sold in the war. Bae Lee Hyun, who was chased by his army, returned to Jeonju Cheonjak and informed Choi Duk-ki (Kim Sang-ho) that Jeon Bong-joon was preparing a mob. Choi stuck the whitewashed Bae Hyun, hiding for a while, but they saw the sandals gathered there.

Song Jae-in tried to send Bae Hyun to his army, but Baek Lee said, “He’s the one who brought Inoue’s test. It’s not easy to kill. But then there was a gunshot. It was Bae Lee Hyun. The Baek Lee River chased Baek Hyun and pointed at the gun.

Jun Bong Joon heard the news and closed the gate so that Bae Hyun could not get out of Jeonju. After that, Jun Bong Joon declared a martyr, and ordered people to join the Jeonlao and Chungcheong border boundaries. The Baek Lee River came to the Song-in and said, “Can we win? Is not it scary?” Song Jae-in replied, “I’m afraid of dying,” and Baek Lee-gang said, “If you meet at the three times, you should go with me all the time. Do not be afraid of yourself or die.” Then, the Baek River embraced the songbird and kissed him.

On the other hand, Bae Hyun explained to Song Bong-gil that the way to save the Song-In is betrayal.

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