In the 14th SBS drama ‘Mung Buto Flower’, which was broadcast on the 17th, Baek Hyun-yoon (Yoon Sik Yoon), who betrayed the Baekyang River, was drawn.

On this day, the Donghak army won a battle in Hwangtohyeon battle. Song Jae-in (Han-il) woke up in the Donghak army camp and was taken hostage by Choi Kyung-sun (Min Seong-wook). Although Baek Lee, who saw the poet, tried to preserve the principle of releasing prisoners, the poet was a necessity for the Donghak army.

The news that there was a sender came to the other soldiers (Yoon, Gyun-sang, Lee Jun-hyuk) who had been killed by the survivor. Baek Lee said, “If we do this, we will embarrass those who are inside, and the general is affectionate.” He lied and returned the soldiers.

Song Jae-in told Baek Yi-kyung, who was worried about Bae-hyun, “It is hard for a wedding ceremony.” Hwang Jin-sae (Choi Won-young)

When Baek Lee went to Jeonju to deal with Song Bong-gil, he turned to Gaeseong. Baek Lee said that he would keep his promise to listen to him saying that he would still marry. Bae Lee, who accompanied Bae Lee, visited Bae Lee’s house.

Hwang Sang-ja said, “Did he not say that he definitely postponed?” Bae-hyun said, “He said so, but I never said I would follow him.” Then, Bae Lee Hyun stressed that he wanted to ask what he had to do between Hwang Suk Joo and Hong Hwa (Jo Hee-bong). Hwang Sook-woo said, “I am the one who has conscripted you with the firearms, and I wanted you to go and die, and I hoped that your superfluous family and wedding ceremony would be gone.”

Baek Hyun said, “I definitely gave you a chance to overcome the marriage.” He said, “Curse me for the rest of my life.” So, Bae Hyun said, “I’ll get it back as much as I can.” Bae Lee Hyun was attacked by the man, and Baek Lee was going home by supporting Bae Hyun Bae.

But then the farmers who broke into the house of Bae Hyun Bae threatened Bae Hyun. Fortunately, Bae Lee came to the castle to save the river, and lightning (Hyeonhwon) appeared, and Bae hyun took home to Baekyang, who wanted to serve a bowl of rice. When Willie and Lightning were eating rice, Bae Hyun called out Baek Yi-gang and asked him to come back to Bagkane.

Bae Hyun said, “You can sacrifice the loot that Sato likes.” The willow and the lightning fell. Baek Lee, who took the neck of Baek Lee Hyun, said, “I will raise Baekga with my brother again.”

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