The confrontation with Gang Tae-o of Neungyang-gun also began in earnest.

In KBS 2TV ‘Chosun Rocco-Mungdujeon’ broadcast on the 29th, the rich reunion of Gwanghae (Jung Joon-ho) and Jeon Nok-du (Jang Dong-yun) were drawn. 

In the Dongdongju reunion in Hanyang, Jeon-mung-do showed a loan, saying, “I can’t go anywhere until I pay back my interest.” 

When Dong Dong-ju asks, “Is it okay to be injured at that time?” How are you going? I’m doing it and I’ll never see it again. ” Dong Dong-ju wrote, “What does it have to do with me?” 

Chun Mungdu responded coldly to Dong Dong-ju saying that there was no emotion left, but Angu, who did not know it, said, “My sister is coming. I will not cry now.” Chun-mung was sick and cried. 

In the meantime, if the wounds of the whole mung bean in the widow’s village broke and blood leaked, Dong Dong-ju treated him with all his sex. 

Jeonnokdu murmured, “Why don’t you care?” Jeon Mung Doo’s explanation that it was just ugly said, “Is that a ugly face? I’m worried and sorry, I can’t help it. ” Dong Dong-ju sighed saying that it was no longer tired. 

On that day, Cha Yul-moo appeared cruelly before the widow who lost Cheol Haeng-soo (Yoon Yoo-sun) and pointed to the archaeology Heo Yoon (Kim Tae-woo). He reached out to the widows, saying, “Help me revenge.” 

Heo Yun is trying to drive the Gwanghae (Jung Joon-ho) and establish a new king. Jung Yoon-je (Lee Seung-joon) said, “Do not be arrogant, but do your part in place. I have no intention of making our mung beans so terrible and you have no right to bring down the king. Make your dreams awake. ” 

Jung Seung-je’s son Hwang is already on the side of Cha Yul-mu. In the midst of this, Jeonnokdu succeeded in capturing cha cha in a disturbing operation. 

In front of the angry Cha Yul-moo, Jeonnokdu said, “It’s funny. It’s a backache. ” Chaoulmu shook his neck, he said, “If you answer my questions well, I can save you. What is the real reason for attracting my brother? ”

Cha Yul-moo said, “I don’t know what you mean, but I know this. Whatever I say your nigga will hurt me. Do you dare to do something like this to me? ” 

Jeonnoungdu said, “Do you know that you’ll be safe? To innocent women? ‘ 

Cha Yul-moo, who found consciousness, puts himself in front of the Emperor. To get rid of it. You have to help me when you hurt him. ” 

On this day, Jeonnokdu became uninhabited and entered the palace. Chun Mung Doo, amazed by the fact that an unidentified man faced several times in Hanyang, was anxious about the future development. 

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