In KBS2’s Chosun Rococo-Mung-Doo-jeon (hereinafter referred to as ‘Mung-Doo-jeon’), which was broadcasted on the 8th night, Jeon Nok-Doo (Jang Dong-Yun) was rescued by Dong Dong-Ju (KIM So-hyun), who was in danger of being sold to Yangban.

On this day, Dong Dong-ju met Jeon-mung-du, which was not the problem. Chun Mung Doo was the daughter of Dong Dong-ju and saved him from the crisis. Jeon Nok-du promised to Cheon Haeng-soo (Yoon Yoo-sun) that he would stay together in the widow’s village and near Haengsu. “Why do you do this?” I want to let you do something I don’t want to do or not to do. ”

The reason for the Dong Dong Ju was the same. Jeonnokdu said, “I have to stay in widows, but you keep driving them out.”

However, Jeonnokdu was in danger of dying in the near future in return for saving Dong Dong-ju without performing the task of no-woldan. Muwoldan had a keen discussion over the whole green beans and decided to give him another chance. Kim Mugwort (Cho Soo-hyang) said, “Your father has a precious treasure. It’s called Kogiri from the people, but I’ll give you three days. “If you fail, you will die. If you run away, you will find it and kill it.”

Jeonnokdu, who received a new mission, left for Hanyang. Dong Dong-ju also followed Hanyang for the reasons of the old, and found the tent where Jeon-mung-du stayed. Two people reunited in Hanyang. Jeonnokdu, with his dexterity, helped create a special bow and arrow, and succeeded in stealing the treasure. He stopped here to rescue Kim, who had been captured. It was easy to find a widow Kim, but Kim Mugwort came to watch the variable.
By chance, Dong Dong-ju, who discovered Jeonnokdu and a real laver widow, escaped to the kiln with Jeonnokdu. The only way is to dress him with the green beans he is wearing. Despite the prevalence of jeonmung-dong, Dong Dong-ju began to take off his clothes. At that moment, the kiln was surrounded by a gang of wormwood and a widow’s father-in-law.
On the other hand, Dong Dong-ju courageously remembered the words of Jeon-mung-do. The place he visited was a house of the past with a painful memory where his family was killed in front of him. There was Cha Yul-moo (Kang Tae-o). Cha Yul-moo said, “If you came here again, I didn’t want to let someone else live or be abandoned. “It wasn’t in vain,” he confessed. “If you want, this place is still yours.” He called it “Sanja” and said, “I wanted to call you here.” However, Dong Dong-joo rejected Cha Yul-moo’s mind. He said, “Please keep the terms and conditions of being just a courtesan.”

At the end of the broadcast, the widow’s daughter visited the widow and the scene where the whole green bean was recognized at a glance increased tension.

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