FC’s first uniform was released on that day. In the third official game against the Meteorological Agency, he won the uniform. He lost eight to one, but met one-digit runs and one goal. After a fierce struggle, the legends received the uniforms and could not hide their emotions.

Ahn Jung-hwan came out with two uniforms. But when the first uniform was released, legends did not like the soulless reaction. The other uniform is yellow for goalkeepers. But “raise the hands of those who do not like,” I did not raise my hand. In addition, as complaints about the away uniform continued, Ahn Jung-hwan issued a new condition, “If you win or win, I will give you the away uniform. You can participate in the design.”\

In a hurry, the members wearing uniforms showed off their fashion show runways. Heo Jae-won expressed his mind that “it is the first uniform to wear after retirement.” The members wearing uniforms expressed some discomfort about their underwear, and Yeo Hong-chul suggested to Secretary General Kim Dong-hyun, “Can’t we reschedule the fee?”

The members then wrote down their desired bib numbers. There was a meaning of their aspirations, but ‘5’ and ’10’ overlapped. The auction took place after the striker’s number 10, and Yang Jun-hyuk won 10 times with 100,000 won. Shim Kwon-ho said that the first love was a number that he wrote ‘No. 5’ and said, “If you don’t get married, I want you to come back again.” But at an increasing price, Shim gave up saying, “I will meet someone else.” Then Lee Man-gi and Yang Jun-hyuk shouted “I’ll lend you” to protect my brother’s love and laughed and moved. Despite the efforts of his brothers, ‘5’ went to Jin Jong-oh. In addition, Ahn Jung-hwan said that he will adjust the away uniforms by three goals and set it at the end.

Meanwhile, actor Choi Soo-jong, a famous football enthusiast, is the director of Eleven FC, which has maintained its 26-year history. ‘Eleven FC’ includes martial arts director Jung Doo-hong, Kim Jae-yeop from judo gold medalist, actors Kim Hyung-il and Bae Do-hwan, and gagman Kim Ji-ho.

Choe Jong-jong especially introduced Jung Doo-hong. Kim Dong-hyun of ‘What Happened’ during the meeting with Jung Doo-hong revealed his fan sentiment, saying, “I grew up dreaming while watching the martial arts of my childhood director.” Jung Doo-hong said, “Hap is 26 dan,” Kim Dong-hyun said he would not hold his eyes on the punch of Jung Doo-hong, but it was no use.

Choi Soo-jong suddenly surprised everyone by calling his big brother, Lee Man-gi, to his late brother. It turns out that Lee Mangi is one year younger than Choi. Jung Hyung-don said, “Wrestling is such a difficult exercise.”

Occasionally FC held a special dance welcome ceremony for Eleven FC. Legends performed a dance of memories, reminding them of those days. Lee Man-gi shows off a brilliant dance with a ‘pants’, while Jae Jae once again showed off the glamor with his brilliant footwork and extraordinary dance skills. Yeo Hong-chul caught the eye by transforming into a collaboration of gymnastics and dance, and Kim Dong-hyun transformed into a singer Rain who added temper beauty and emotion.

At the FC dance welcome ceremony, Choi said, “I have no choice but to love them.” Choi said, “The star player greeted Mr. Ha Hee Rae at the night club politely.”

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