In the JTBC gold drama ‘My Country’ (played by Chae Seung-dae / director Kim Jin-won), which aired on the night of 25th, a picture of Seo-hui (Yang Se-jong) who is being accused by Lee Bang-won (Jang-hyuk) is depicted.

Lee Bang-won captured Park Chi-do (Ji Seung-hyun), Park Moon-bok (in Kyojin), and Jung Bum (Lee Yoo-joon) and aimed a sword at Seo Hwi.

Seo Hwi, who was accused by the Gentiles, concluded the crisis by saying, “I want to see the nations of the Gentiles.” When Lee Bang-won left, Han Hee-jae (Kim Seol-hyun) took care of the collapsed Seo Hwi. Han Hee-jae shed tears as she looked sick and moaning.

Seo Hwi waking up looked at Han Hee-jae. Han Hee-jae, “Don’t disappear again. I don’t want to lose anymore. I haven’t done too much with you,” he expressed his love for Seo-hui. To Han Hee-jae, who fell asleep, Seo Hwi said, “I already remember all of them.

On the other hand, JTBC ‘My Country’ is an action historical drama that explodes the desire for power and protection by aiming each other’s swords against each other’s ‘my country’ in the background of Joseon Chosun. Broadcast at 10:50 pm

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