In the ninth episode of JTBC’s gold drama ‘My Country’, which was broadcasted on the 1st, it was depicted that Seohui (Yang Sejong) kissed Han Hee-jae (Kim Seol-hyun).

On this day, Seo Hwi shot a bow to Lee after being ordered by a South Korean war (Guide Award) to kill Lee Bang-won (Jang Hyuk). Nam Sun-ho (Udo Do-hwan), who appeared late, witnessed this and told Seo Hwi, “How did you choose to die?” The South Korean War, who heard the news of the Gentiles through the Ganja, shook his neck and said, “I will hold the three and shake it and become a king with a crawl.”

The South War then gave the sword to Seo Hwi, saying, “Let your father die and save Yeon-yi (Joi-hyun).” Seo-hui said, “Did you do this to my father?” Seo-hui stabbed himself with a knife, “keep the kite to watch over.” When Seo Hwi fell, the South Korean war ordered Seo Yeon to be killed.

However, after the war left, Gentiles appeared intact. It was a plan of the gentile, Seo Hwi to strike the South. Lee Bang-won first figured out the identity of Seo-hui, but Seo-hui told him that he was a man of the South War. The goal is south war.

When he asked, “What is it now,” Seo Hwi said, “Wait for the time when there is a man who kills the enemy. He will be sick to the king. The witness who tried to kill the king is a secret letter, and the witness who tried to kill the army is me.” I break, “he said. Lee Bang-won said, “You can die,” Seo-hui said, “The army must die.”

Awakening, Nam Sun-ho knew that Namjeon was trying to kill Seoyeon. Nam Sun-ho ran to Seo-yeon, and Seo-yeon tried to die by saying, “Please save my brother. I remember everything. I will die. My brother can’t live without me.” Nam Sun-ho, who was injured after drying it, said, “Let’s go away when Dae-chi is in.”

The next day, Nam Sun-ho tried to run away from Seo-yeon, but the South Korean soldiers threatened the two. At that time, Park Chi-do (Ji Seung-hyun), Park Moon-bok (In Kyo-jin), and Jung Bum (Lee Yoo-jun) appeared. Nam Sun-ho shed tears that Seo-wi was alive.

Afterwards, the three-party book-breaking ceremony began and the Gentiles appeared. Lee Bang-won said, “Those who tried to try to preach the past, he is not enough, and he wants to kill me today.” Lee Bang-won passed the secretary to Lee Seong-gye (Kim Young-cheol), and soon Seo Hwi appeared. Seohui said, “I took my sister as a pawn and ordered him to kill Jung An.”

The South Korean War was imprisoned, and Lee Bang-won said, “As soon as the soldiers destroyed the soldiers, this happened. However, Queen Shindeok Kang told Lee Bangwon, “I told him to kill him. Still don’t know. After breaking his sword through the South Korean War, I will go to the Majesty.”

Lee Seong-gye went to the South War and said, “It is not for you if the wine saves you. Keep the title, but stay away from the heavy war and the three children. When the South War said, “Who’s going to face it,” Lee said, “Your son Nam Sun-ho.” The released South Korean war ordered to kill Seo Hwi. Nam Sun-ho rushed and informed Seo Hwi about this.

Seo reunite with tears for a while, Seo Hwi, along with Nam Sun-ho, confronted the subordinates of the South War. But in the end Seo Yeon was stabbed.

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