Kim Soo-mi appeared in a red dress at MBC ‘My Little TV V2’ broadcast on the 17th. Kim Soo – mi said, “There ‘s a movie called’ Shell Up Dance ‘, and a helpless worker is dancing and looking for vigor.

Dance sports was Kim Soo-mi’s romance. Kim Soo-mi said, “I learned the dance perfectly, but what if I die, what do you do if the casting does not come in?” “In the news, Kim Su-mi learns dance sports. I got it. 

Kim Soo – mi said, “I will dance with my teacher today.” “The title is” My miserable love. ” Dance sports player Park Ji-woo has appeared. 

Kim Gura, Chang Young-Ran, and Hao Jung-Wan were with hairdressing hairdresser Mi-Young. A hair loss artist, Rajyuk, has also appeared. “I had a lot of discoloration, a lot of alcohol and cigarettes, and I did not sleep very well, and I did a lot of bad things,” he said. The uncovered state of hair loss caused a sigh of all.

“I did not go to the hospital, I thought I was going to do it, but at first I was a bit out of it, because I did not want to go to the hairdresser, so I cut myself,” he said.

Hair beauty hairdresser Mi-young said, “The fact that there are fluffs keeps pores alive. It can be improved enough.” Lee Mi-young said, “You should turn your head so you can move your head to the center.” “I do not care, I did not care at all,” he said, “I thought I would not do it because I had too much thinning,” he said. 

Jung Hyung Don and Kim Dong-hyun continued the Jiu-Jitsu Hyundai tournament. So far, Park Woo-ju and Jung Hyung-don have entered the final. Prior to the final, Kim Dong-hyun said, “UFC martial arts players have great strength in arms.

UFC welterweight Ben Asscreen has been attracted by capturing watermarks as they pull watermelons. Jung Hyung-don, who saw this, opened his mouth. Kim Dong-hyun suggested, “This player is good at strength,” he said, “I’ll try it in a technical term before the main event finals.”

Jung Hyung Don and Park Woo-jung first challenged to break melon by hand. Park woke up the melon easily, but Jung Hyung – don breaks the melon by giving strength to the floor. The two then tried to break the two watermelons with arms, but failed. Kim Dong-hyun also challenged. Kim Dong-hyun failed to break two, and succeeded in breaking with only one arm.

Yoo Min-sang and Choi Tae-sung continued the ‘cooks’. Choi Tae – sung, one of the representative foods of Busan, was related to the Korean War. He said, “The prototype of wheat noodles is cold noodles, and cold noodles have transformed into Busan wheat noodles through the Korean War.”

Choi Tae-sung said, “After the war, US flour comes in. We have to make something with flour, but North Koreans want to eat noodles, but it was difficult to find buckwheat in Busan. Explained. Together with this, we also had time to sample the rams made of tumbled. Yoo Min-sang, Choi Tae-sung and so on, proceeded to push ASMR.

On the other hand, Kim Soo – mi declared to stop broadcasting because it was hard to tolerate laughter because of Jang Dong – min. However, after returning to broadcasting, I learned Latin dancing, butt technique, and finished broadcasting on this day. Kim Soo – mi said, “I felt a lot of sweat, and I felt like I was the first to read my old mothers.

After all the broadcasts were completed, donations were announced on the day. It was 12,561,000 won.

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