MBC entertainment program “My Little TV V2” broadcasted on the afternoon of 14th was broadcasted by Kim Young-ok, Jung Hyung-don, Kim Guura and Jung-Kurt.

Kim Yeong-ok appeared in ‘Marithel’ House on the day. Marithel was the oldest in history. It was older than Kim Su-mi, who appeared earlier. Kim Young-ok, who sat in the hospitality of the members, said, “At first, I was worried about what I would do because I wanted to do something like this.” Kim Soo-mi did everything she did …. I saw that Kim Su- I expressed my confidence. Then he said, “I’ll call you because I have something to eat.”

Jung Hyung-kyun’s announcement came with Jang Seong-gyu’s announcer and Kang Hye Won of group Aizu won. Jang Sung-gyu said, “It is the first appearance of the terrestrial after the pre-declaration. “In fact, I started the announcer through the MBC ‘new employee’ in the past, MBC is like the home of my heart.” When he heard the donation of the audience who cheered himself, he showed his lip to the camera and kissed him, and when the audience was amazed, he laughed with a smile on his face.

Jung Hyung-don has invited the strongest players in each field to broadcast the show as a challenge content. For the first time, the strongest person to change clothes quickly appeared. But it was Jung Hyung-don’s victory. The next time I was able to tolerate Kang Hye-won even though I was able to tolerate it in ice water.

The third challenger was the strongest man in the scarf. Jung Hyung-don, who claimed foul play and tapped a ticket, struggled for victory, but the strongest win lightly. Jung Hyung-don delivered a cash prize of 100,000 won.

Kim went on broadcasting for hair loss people. Yong Kyung Hwan and Chang Young-Ran came out as guests. Wig specialist appeared and made a custom wig of Yong Kyung-hwan. Jung Min Sang appeared in the Kurt Broadcast and consulted with the patients. Yumin-sang said to the guest who was suffering from constipation, “If you eat a lot, you will be pushed out.”

Kim Young – ok proved his reputation by rapping to the ‘Crazy Dog’ beat. Then, along with Jang Dong-min, he fell into a camera application. The telephone conversation with Na Munhee continued. Kim Young – ok was in a conversation with his close brother, and after a long phone call, he laughed.

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