KBS 2TV Weekend Drama ‘The Most Beautiful Girl in the World’ ‘Segelye)’ finally touched the viewers through the 83rd and 84th episodes on August 11th.

It was only one scene, but the impact was significant. On the day of the broadcast, Kang Mi-ri (Kim So-yeon) calls her mother, In-sook Jeon (Myung-gil Choi) for the first time and is depicting her mother’s death. Jeon In-sook, who revealed the fact that Kang Mi-ri and her mother-in-law was true to Han (the Dong-woo), drove off and drove wildly. Kang Mi-ri, who found such an in-sook, followed him.

Jeon In-sook got out of the car and tried to put on the Han River bridge, and Kang Mi-ri called her “Mom” and announced her pregnancy. Then she shouted, “If you want to die, boil seaweed soup. You have something for me all my life!” The two mothers and daughters hugged each other and made each home theater tearful.

Kang Mi-ri first revealed the secret of pregnancy, which she had not told her husband, Han Tae-ju (Hong Jong-hyun), to her birth mother and Jeon In-sook, who had a relationship of love and love. It was a dramatic moment when he understood and accepted Jeon In-suk who abandoned herself as the same woman in resentment. Viewers wept together at the scream of the two.

The viewers’ praise came to the ending that remained after a long time. Due to the stimulating setting and the end-of-the-week drama that goes with the family, it was a drought favour in the midst of the recent negative public opinion. In particular, the viewers also felt sorry for the intimate situation of Jeon In-sook, who was depicted as a heartless mother who left her daughter to marry a rich man.

Popular performances are also well received by veteran actors such as Choi Myeong-gil and Kim So-yeon, who are weak in persuasion and end up being considered a reality.

As a result, viewers said, “The last scene was a moment of emotion”, “Everybody is too salty and sad,” “Insook Jeon’s life is very sad”, “I’m impressed by the word of mother”, “Kim So-yeon acting class Myeong-gi thumb “,” The drama was a live act of the actors “,” Do not hate the actor even if the curtain hates “,” The act of the two people were moved “,” Crying together the actors rather than the story “explosive reactions Showed.

This raises the question of what mother-and-child stories will be unfolding in Sezelye, where all Pandora’s boxes are opened. 

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