It was not only the problem of ‘Astdal Chronicle’. Kim Won – seok PD, director of ‘My Life’ and ‘Signal’, revealed that murder – like shooting schedules followed.

On the 10th OSEN report result, ‘My uncle’ shooting scene was over 100 hours a week. According to a report filed by Hanvit Media Labor Human Rights Center in March last year, “My Uncle” was filmed on the 6th of the week, and the staff came out on the scene at 6 am and filmed until 4 am the next day.

Even on the day when the staffs took a day off, it was not until the 6 o’clock that the rest of the day was not guaranteed. According to the allegation, the staff of the field could have endured more than 100 hours of work per week from March, when filming began in earnest, to May, when the drama was concluded.  

Hope Yonsei Unions Broadcasting Staff Branch and Hanbit Media Labor Rights Center filed a complaint with the Seoul Regional Employment Labor Office on October 10 for violating the Labor Standards Act and the Industrial Safety and Health Act. The studio dragon did not obey the 68-hour production guideline released last September.

The chronicle of Astdar said that basic human rights were infringed on 25 consecutive days of work every day without consecutive days of uninterrupted holiday work for up to seven days at Brunei for 151 hours and 30 minutes.

However, Studio Dragon explained that it has a sense of mission to improve the production environment in accordance with the production guide in connection with the claims of Hanbit Center and Hope Yantai union. Studio Dragon said, “We are trying to improve the production environment according to the original purpose of the production guide.” We are working with our commitment to improving the production environment in compliance with the production time of 68 hours a week and operation of the B team. And announced that they would cooperate with the request of the Ministry of Employment and Labor. 

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