Comprehensive TV channel broadcasted on the 8th night TV ‘Life Docy My Way’ was written by singer Eun Hee who was loved much in the 1970s. Eun-hee left a famous song such as ‘I Love You’, ‘Along with the Flowerpot’, and ‘Sonata’.

On this day, he introduced her husband, Hwaseong. At the same time, he said, “When people live for years, there comes a time for rebirth.” When I was a child, I knew that nature was young at a young age, but now I live in nature and learn that no matter how great the intellect becomes humble. It seems like it is, “he said.

In the past three years, the number of albums released by Eunhee was 36. Eun Hee, who was in the top spot, suddenly disappeared. “I had no idea of ​​retirement at the time,” he said.

Since then, she has been studying designers and drawing a sketch of another life. But it was a life in the United States that did not grow. Eun – hee had two children after marriage in the United States, but eventually she chose divorce.

“If you are divorced and you are happy, you will not be able to answer it.” There is a life history to be experienced and there is a difficulty again. I’m going to make it myself. “

In order to clean up his life in the United States with such a wound, Eun – hee came back home with two children. At that time, she met her husband Hwasung Sung, who was wearing clothes together. Kim Hwa-sung said, “Eun-hee is a designer of clothes and I am a fabricator.”

Eun-hee turned to meet Kim Hwa-sung. “I was really busy doing my job as my mom and dad,” he said. So it was. Eun-hee’s two children were greatly lost. So the naturalist teacher that Eun Hee visited to educate the children was now Kim Hwa-sung.

From the first meeting, it was two people who were intense, but it was not easy to see fruit of bond. Eun-hee said, “At first I tried not to get married, I asked my children to get permission, and then my husband asked their children to accept that I would do my best as a father.

The two have now been married for 30 years.

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