Singer Kim Jung-soo appeared on TV Chosun ‘Life Saeng Doi My Way’ which aired on the 15th.

Kim Jung-su said, “I started seeing blood stool one day. Tomorrow would be fine, but could not happen the third day.”

“I urgently went to the emergency room and told me that the cancer cells were very large. I couldn’t say that I had stomach cancer. I wasn’t able to operate because the hospital was too late.”

Fortunately, Kim was able to operate on the resources of a doctor whose mother was his fan. It was a five-hour surgery and Kim Jung-soo said, “When I ended up taking a chemo, I vomit when I ate it. I ate it. I ate later.”

Kim Jung-su said, “I cut 80% of the stomach. I have to eat every two hours.”

Kim Jung-su, who currently lives in the Philippines, said, “My wife and daughter live in the United States, not in the Philippines. My wife is in New York and my daughter is in college.”

Kim Jung-soo said, “I have been living apart for 20 years. My wife was lonely because of my job.”

“I fought a lot for four to five years. My wife went to the United States first came back to Korea,” he said, “I do not want to remember the time.

After cancer, Kim Jong-su had a completely different life. Kim Jung-su, who is still active as a singer, expressed hope by giving charity performances for Kofino. 

Kim Jung-su predicted a steady musical life, “All things are done in the music. It is over 50 years, but I think I will do more in the future.”


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