In the 14th episode of the OCN tree drama ‘Mr Period’, which was broadcast on the 29th, Kim Mu-hyuk (Yoon Kyun Sang-min) approached the truth.

On this day, Yoo Beom-jin (Lee Joon-young) called Han Tae-ra (Han So-eun) on the roof and pushed Han-tae-ra on the roof. Han Tae-ra died, and Yoo Beom-jin was also there when his mother Woo Eun-hye (Seo Ji-young) confirmed the body of Han-tae.

Kim Mu-hyuk, who ran after hearing the news, asked what happened. Then Yu Bum Jin said, “You killed. If you only listened to me, you didn’t die. So, Sua. That’s all your problem. I solved it.” Ki Moo-hyuk said, “A crazy cub. A cub who killed people.” Yoo Bumjin laughed horribly, “Did you not hear that you killed?”

Kim Moo-hyuk blamed him for his self, but Ha So-hyun (Kum Sae-lok) said, “We must stop. First of all, Kim Han-soo (Jang Dong-ju) turned his mind. Ha So-hyun handed over the data collected by Kim Mu-hyuk to Kim Han-soo, and Kim Han-soo, who refused to see it, finally opened the data. Not knowing the shocking truth, Kim Han-soo confessed everything to Kim Moo-hyuk and Ha So-hyun.

Kim Han-soo tried to get away from her life, but she saw Lee Ki-hoon (Choi Kyu-jin) trying to rape her and saved her. Since then, a picture of Jeongsoo and Lee Tae-seok has been posted on the school application, and harassment led by Han Tae-ra and Najeri has become worse.

Kim Han-soo said, “I was worried about it, so I visited Sua’s house, and I saw a man whom Sua met.” Kim Han-soo knew that the man was Yu Yang-ki (Kim Min-sang), a member of the National Assembly, and he promised to protect Soo-ah until the end. In the meantime, Soo-soo said, “I want to escape. Please wait a minute.” That was the last conversation with Sujeong.

Kim Han-soo said that he had seen Lee Tae-seok going to the back door and was instructed by Yoo Bum-jin. Kim Moo-hyuk, who listened to this, said, “The back door? You made a mistake.” 

Later, while Yoo was registered as a candidate for the party’s presidential candidate, Ki Moo-hyuk asked Yoo to meet with Soo-ah. Yoo has sent a message to meet at the museum, and Yoo Bum-jin, who was monitoring her mobile phone, confirmed this.

Yoo asked Ki-Hyuk Kim who killed Soo-ah. Kim Moo-hyuk said, “Before I asked how I know this. I learned through my son.” I’m spying on a spy app, so he’s coming soon. Yoo told me to tell the killer to say “don’t do it,” but soon Yoo appeared.

Yoo Bumjin said, “I am disappointed. Father,” “You are quite a lawyer. Kim Moo-hyuk said, “Representative. The culprit who killed Sua came. Now here.”

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