On October 10, Sportive News coverage Nam Tae-hyun will be compiled at MBC Evrion ‘Video Star’ which is scheduled to be broadcast following the departure from the musical ‘Mephisto’.

Nam Tae-hyun, who was an open-minded lover, exposes the suspicion of both sides and women’s bias, and caused a controversy. Jang Jae-in revealed his mobile communication with woman A, whom Nam Tae-hyun had met at the same time through his social networking, and launched a public assault saying, “Live with minimum conscience.” In particular, although Jae Jae-in was in the knowing stage, Nam Tae-hyun’s unilateral recognition revealed the whole of public love, which was so fast that he had no choice but to disclose his fellowship.

In the end, Nam Tae-hyun posted an autobiographical apology on the SNS and said, “I apologize to Jang Jae-in and other women who are hurt because of this. I apologized.

Nam Tae-hyun apologized, “I will take responsibility for what I can do,” but the cost of the controversy was severe. Following the departure from the musical debut film ‘Mephisto’, some edits were confirmed in ‘Video Star’, which has already been filmed and trailers. Since I got off at ‘Mephisto’, editing is inevitable even in ‘Video Star’ which appeared in the musical publicity car.

Previously, Nam Tae-hyun got off at the musical ‘Mephisto’. Nam Tae-hyun was leaving the stage when it was judged that it was inappropriate to stand on the stage due to the ongoing controversy. Musical production ‘Mephisto’ production makers said on October 10, “Due to the unexpected situation, Nam Tae-hyun of Mephisto’s musical ‘Mephisto’ announced that he was inevitably getting off after consultation between the production company and his agency.”

The same goes for the video star. Nam Tae-hyun, who appeared with Infinite Nam-hyun and Big Suk in ‘Mephisto’, seems to be editing many shots. An official of the video star said, “Nam Tae-hyun will be edited in the shooting section, and the uncomfortable part will be minimized and broadcast.”

It will also be edited in the ‘Work Room’, which was in the movie with Jang Jae-in. In particular, the ‘workshop’ attracted more attention by playing Jang Jae-in and Nam Tae-hyun as lovers. The production crew said, “I am so sorry for the news of both Nam Tae-hyun and Jang Jae-in, as I have established a relationship through the ‘workshop.” “In the future, the candid feelings and stories of 10 teenage male and female musicians feel uncomfortable, We will cut down on the contents of the two so that viewers are not inconvenienced in view of the current situation. “

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