MBC “Naonjasanda” broadcasted the afternoon of the 31st, and the daily routine of the Chef Austin River and the house remodeling process of Gian 84 were revealed.

Park said, “Today, a new member is a friend of Henry’s family. I have seen him personally.” And Ishian laughed when he said, “I do not know anyone who has not seen a male member personally.”

Henry introduced himself to the chef Austin River and said, “I am handsome, tall, well and well cooked.” Ishin and Gian 84 gave the Austin river a flower kiln, and Park welcomed him with a flower necklace. The Austin River was surprised by the sparkling fireworks bursting, “I think it hits.” 

“I first saw Austin Kang as a member of Henry,” Park said. “What do you think of yourself?” Henry said, “Do not let him talk.” The Austin River said, “It is good to come out.”

Before the full-fledged rainbow live video began, the Austin River was nervous, saying, “I am a little nervous now and the number one show is MBC.” Henry said, “Do not do that.”

Henry anticipated his friend’s life, saying, “This is the first time I have moved and moved to this house,” and the Austin River revealed a terrible Korean language saying, “It has been four months since I moved here.”

The Austin River said, “I have been in Korea for six years, but I have not learned Korean properly. I started to work in the kitchen, and there are many chefs who went to study abroad. 

He woke up at 4 am and said, “You have to get up and go to the market.” The original shop closes at about 1 am, rests a little and gets up at 4 o’clock.

The chef Austin is a person who does not write a minute and a second, and plans to do the same thing in the midst of a glimpse of the rise from 4 am. I made a list of cooking materials to buy in the fish market in poor Korean language and carefully prepared for the development of new menu.

When the Austin River issued an admission that it was an “oshoot,” Henry said, “This is not a shame.

When the Austin River wrote “I’m tired of it” when I was using a shopping cart, I wondered, “Who is this tough because I learned Korean?” The Austin River laughed as he answered, “I learned from Park Jun-hyung.”

The Austin River then confessed, “When I first started cooking, my chef did not pay well.” The Austin River said, “Henry helped me when I was in trouble and helped me when I moved. Sometimes when the boiler was frozen, I asked myself,” Henry, can I go to your house and sleep?

The Austin River, along with the market mate, headed to the Noryangjin Fish Market. The Austin River, which brought out unusual affinity skills in the fish market, called the fish shop owner “sister” and made a bargain. I asked the staff of the regular shop for their respects, and they showed me the unique flair, such as having a fresh meeting with the elders whom I met for the first time, and naturally continued conversation.

The black fish shop owner surprised those who bargained for salmon, perch, and sea bream while continuing to speak Korean. Park Jae-rae admits, “Those people are good at business,” and Ishihan admits, “The look is really like the one you are buried in Noryangjin.” 

The Austin River said in the fish market, “Can you have it?” And said something unfavorable, and Henry pointed out the wrong Korean. So he laughed, “It is amazing that Henry teaches somebody Korean.”

The Austin River said, “The United States is ‘the only thing that can only happen to me’, while Korea is saying ‘Let’s do it together'” in the delightful fish market atmosphere.

On his way home, he sang a Korean singer and he was korean. He said, “I am listening to Korean songs because I want to perfect Korean horses, I am doing conversation rather than singing.” “It was hard when I first learned Korean, but the fort is learning to my seniors too.

As soon as the Austin returned home, he arranged for receipts and was concerned about identifying changes in the price of materials. Since then, I supplemented the lack of sleep.

After the awakening of the Austin River, I got home training soon after I got up. “I think the chef is like an athlete, and if you do not have enough stamina, there are lots of cooks with discs,” he said.

After the exercise, the Austin River showered neatly, boasting a muscular body and could not keep an eye on itself. Park asked, “Honestly, I was drunk on you?” And the Austin River laughed.

On the way out, the Austin River visited the Namdaemun pottery store and picked the utensils needed for the restaurant. Ishian said, “I’m too diligent. I will be tired, but I do exercise.” Park Nam-rae admits, “I really use the day very tightly.”

The Austin River said, “I love going to the Knights restaurant,” he said, breathing boiled garlic and steamed eggs. He said, “There is a very delicious Bossam house if you go to the telegraphic market, Chokkum tang, Mapo market, Tteokbokki, old toast, and Mt.

After eating and shopping at Namdaemun, the Austin River went to work as a French restaurant and developed a new menu. The Austin River, which was cooked using raw materials from the fish market at dawn, including sea bass, squid, etc, was served to local residents. Park said, “The man who cooks is cool.” The acquaintances praised a new menu for the Austin River, saying “It’s a real good.” 

Gian 84 asked, “Is that menu actually selling?” Austin River replied, “This menu is now in development.”

“Austin worked 12 hours a day in the basement every day and I learned to go to a French restaurant and learned to cook at night,” said Austin. “I learned free internships at a French restaurant on the day off, and I met Henry. I helped him to move when I was living in the basement, he told me which way to go, and I told him Henry had to go out for the survival show, “he confessed.

He said, “It was really hard when I first learned cooking, I did not have a family, I wanted to go back to America, but when I went into the kitchen and cooked it, I lost my stress. He showed a comfortable expression. 

The Austin River said, “When I had the hardest time, my family broke up and my house was gone, so I had no place to go to the US, but it was a hard time and I started to cook. It is my enthusiasm and love that I make a lot of time because I write a lot and sometimes I work as a sideline model, but it is my passion and love. I want to show ‘I love cooking’ rather than ‘cool’. ” 

Following the daily routine of the Austin River, Gian House Remodeling 2 is unveiled. Kim Chung Jae, a close friend of Gene 84, came to the residence and remodeled two people together. 

Gian 84 and Kim Choong-jae decided to change the Guyan House, which was a total mess from the furniture to the cleaned condition, and all the unnecessary burdens were abandoned, and the clothes and the bathroom were remodeled one by one. 

Above all, the bathroom was seriously remodeled, and the floodlight was replaced with a mirror. “I can not help but my brother,” Chung, showed off his skill, and the house of Gion 84 was changed.

Park asked, “Did you paint the toilet door and treat varnishes?”, And Gian 84 answered “I did not do it” and “I thought I should care about the cosmetic appearance”. For reference, varnish is a damp-proof polish for furniture.

Here’s the idea of ​​a special self-interior for Gan-chung 84 and Kim Chung-jae to solve the torn and yellowish wallpaper. I completed the interior through a systematic division of labor, and Kim Chung-jae said, “I think the breathing was right. Kim chung-jae finished his electrical wiring work, and Henry did not close his mouth saying, “Do you know anything like this?” 

Gian 84, who was still watching the changed house, said, “I feel like a coffee shop in Hongdae, it looks pretty, I painted a door.”

My brother, Kim Chung Jae transformed into an engineering college brother, and he made a lot of light. Gion 84 worried that he could do it, and Kim Chung-jae expressed his ease. Han Hye – yeon said, “Chung – jae is very disappointed to see.

At this time, Kim Chung-jae completed the installation of the living room lighting, then turned on the light, and Gian 84 said, “I am completely different from home. 

Finally, Gian 84 and Kim Chung Jae, both of them transformed the sofa used for five years into a new one, and Gian House was reborn as European sensibility.

Gian 84 admits, “It has become Chungjae Gallery” and Seonghun admitted, “Let’s applaud him.” Han Hye-yeon and Park Jae-rae, “It’s like a house in an interior magazine.” 

Kim Choong-jae liked “it’s like Europe,” and Gian 84 said, “I was very satisfied with the result, and I wanted to be able to pay for it at this price. I informed. Sung Hoon said, “Now, the labor cost is 7 million won,” he laughed and laughed.

Looking at the changed house, Gian 84 left “a strange” image of a house that was born beautifully while taking pictures here and there.

After that, the two people bought beef and dinner ingredients at the Mart and prepared dinner. I was surprised at the gentle recipes of Gion 84, but as Kim Choong-jae finished, the best dinner was set. Kim Chung-jae advised, “You should buy it neatly, and if it gets dirty again, it will be a disgrace.” Gian 84 added, “I appreciate it, and I felt good about it.”

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