On the afternoon of September 9, Ryeo Wook, Kwon Hyuksoo, Jeong, and KCM joined the production of the TV ‘Chosun’ album in Seoul Marina, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul. 

‘Neighborhood Album’ is a new travel entertainment program that will be aired on the 13th. It is a program to share music with local people who met local people, such as Ryeo Wook, KCM, Kwon Hyuksoo and Lovelys.

The ‘Neighborhood Album’, which travels all over the country and travels through music, is attractive. Ryeok said, “I remember going to elementary school.” “I played with 10-year-olds and shared sweet potatoes. I had two kids who said I was handsome, and I want to see them.”

The music of the spine that ‘local album’ promises is also music. As well as Kwon Hyuck – su, who sings as a singer, KCM has been singing for 16 years as a ballad singer, Ryeo – wook who plays a song in Super Junior, and Lovelys’ s remake of playing the song. 

In particular, Crystal revealed the desire to show retro charm through ‘Neighborhood Album’. “I want to show my retro appeal through this program,” he said. “It is more meaningful to meet people and sing songs to people who are not on stage.” 

The revision is going to reveal the way of calling Lee Moon-se’s ‘Girl’ through ‘Neighborhood Album’. “It was a song that I wanted to sing from anywhere, but I can sing to suit the bus kings,” he said. “I was able to sing this song in a quiet hanok at the first shot,” he said.

Travel and entertainment meet, so meeting with people you meet on a trip is also an important point of observation. KCM said, “I called Namjin’s ‘Nest’ with my elderly friend and it was a different experience. I thought it was good to sing with the elderly later.” 

The 16-year ballad singer and the talented idol singer also showed confidence that they will show a new look through their ‘Neighborhood Album’. Ryeok said, “I want to get a lot of broadcasts like other Super Junior members.” 

Four tourists traveling around the country are looking forward to a new look with music. ‘Neighborhood album’ will be released at 12:10 pm on the 13th. 

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