KBS 2TV’s new entertainment program, ‘Shinsang Launched Hen Story’, was held on October 25 at KBS Yeouido New Pavilion in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul. Kang Bong-gyu producer, PD Hwang Sung-hoon, Lee Seung-cheol, Lee Kyung-kyu, Lee Young-ja, Jung Il-woo and Jin Se-yeon attended.

‘Newly released eclectic restaurant’ revealed ‘Taste, Well, Egg’, which is famous for the entertainment industry. The next day, a new concept convenience store new survival program will be released at convenience stores nationwide.

Lee Kyung-gyu, Lee Young-ja, Jung Hye-young, Kim Na-young, Jung Il-woo, Jin Se-yeon, and six other “ Taste.Jal.R ” stars will confirm their appearances and confront the new convenience store menu. Attention is focused on what menu they will develop and what everyday life they will reveal.

Director PD Hwang Seong-hoon said, “I will go to a convenience store once a day. I prepared for the program with the intention to be healed by many people through cheap and delicious foods released.”

“I don’t have a convenience store in front of my house. It’s a place that many people can easily visit. I thought that the most convenient window when I brought out the food of the stars was the convenience store.” .

However, it can be pointed out that commercial broadcasting is pursuing commerciality in KBS. In response to this, “large companies participate,” he said. “We agreed with the program in order to keep the unit price as low as possible and make it accessible to many people at a low price. We chose a convenience store brand that best suited our intentions.” Revenue will be donated to low-income families.

Lee Seung-cheol, an active member of the evaluation team, emphasized that “the program was not launched for the convenience store product launch itself.”

There are also questions about how product launches work. Lee Kyung-gyu said, “There are MD members who came directly from the company,” he said. “If we make it as hard as possible, the evaluation team will evaluate whether it is commercialized. Even if it is not manufactured, the recipe will be open and enjoyable.”

Big brother Lee Kyung-kyu appeared in the program, “I scorned the juniors, but I was surprised to see the taste of the food.”

Lee Young-ja replied, “No matter how hard we try, Lee Kyung-gyu couldn’t follow him. His senior details are great.”

Lee Young-ja said, “I only chose food, but I have never tried the process of making a dish. I felt difficult.”

‘New release hen restaurant’ is the first time that Lee Kyung-gyu and Lee Young-ja meet in the same entertainment program, so they are looking forward to it.

Lee Kyung-gyu joked, “I don’t have a good personality, and there is no reason to match it specially.” After joking, “I did it according to the will of the sky. It was like this. The card looks early, ”he said. In addition, “Let’s do well, Lee Young-ja is good.

Lee Young-ja “I’m older, so I’m only juniors now. When I’m a new man, I noticed a lot of seniors, but now I see a lot of juniors.” “I said affection.

After debuting, Jung Il-woo will appear in the first entertainment program. “It was easier to appear because there were strong seniors such as Lee Kyung-kyu and Lee Young-ja,” Jung Il-woo said. “The theme of the program is cooking. “We’re excited about the prospects of prospective viewers.

Jin Se-yeon also said, “I have a different sense of responsibility than when I participate as a guest.”

Kim Na-young, who appeared as a mother representative, said, “The first child Shinwoo eats well. Thanks to this program.

Meanwhile, ‘Shinsang Launched Hen Story’ will compete with viewership with tvN ‘Shinseo Organic 7’, which will be broadcast first at 9:10 pm on the day.

Hwang PD said, “So I edited it all night,” he said. “It’s your choice to watch TV, but I tried hard not to regret.

Lee Kyung-gyu said, “The audience rating is very important, but I don’t worry because the passion of the crew and the cast is also important.” Will be revealed. “

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