On the 25th, KBS 2TV ‘New Release Release Story’ Lee Young-ja, Lee Kyung-kyu, Jung Il-woo, Jin Se-yeon, Kim Na-young and Jung Hye-young appeared. 

Jung Il-woo appeared with a bouquet and handed it to Lee Young-ja. Lee Young-ja told Jung Il-woo, “I feel like I’m in charge of visuals,” and Jung Il-woo said, “I like cooking. I like to eat and go to restaurants.”

Lee Young-ja asked, “Where is the samgyeopsal restaurant?” Jung Il-woo said, “There is a hidden restaurant in Bangbae-dong. Kalguksu is a pork belly.” Lee Young-ja said, “How do you know there. Long time. Grandmother passed away.”

Jin Se-yeon also appeared. Jin Se-yeon said, “I really like to eat. I haven’t learned how to cook yet. I’m learning a lot from my mom. I want to share a lot of delicious foods.” Kim Na-young and Jung Hye-young also appeared, six chefs gathered in one place.

Six chefs gathered in the studio after developing a menu based on the theme of rice. There was also an evaluation team to evaluate the menu. In addition to evaluation director Lee Seung-chul, Lee Yeon-bok, Chef Lee Won-il, and Kim Jung-hoon of the product development team gathered.

First of all, Jung Il-woo’s daily life was revealed. After opening his eyes in the morning, Jung Il-woo checked the ingredients in the refrigerator and immediately made a breakfast menu. A tidy breakfast including cucumber radish, yeolmu kimchi, and miso soup. All the chefs who saw it admired it.

Jung Il-woo met with his manager and talked about the menu to be presented at the side restaurant. Jung Il-woo met with fans to develop the menu, and the fans advised him to use rice paper or glutinous rice.

The second side chef was Jung Hye-young. Jung Hye-young did not stay in the kitchen but started to burn calories in her life. He pushed up while receiving water from the sprinkler, and the laundry basket was on his head and moved to lunge. 

Jung Hye-young prepared a meal for him when Sean returned home. Jung Hye-young ate meals with Sean and talked about the menu. Sean recommended Hawaiian rice balls, and Jung Hye-young came up with the idea of ​​red curry.

Lee Young-ja worked at a convenience store and had a market research session to find out the taste of customers. As the subject is rice, I studied a variety of rice tastes. Lee Young-ja was also shown to eat a chicken foot to Odol bone rice ball toward his regular house. This was also a force that could endure this young man. Lee persuaded the boss to try to learn the secret.

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